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A Breakthrough in Anti-Bacterial Protection with Lucida’s Virokill Technology:

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Since the pandemic, it has become crucial to maintain a healthy environment in your surroundings, including your home. This is why CenturyPly, a leading manufacturer of plywood, has introduced Virokill technology in the market. It aims to kill all the harmful bacteria and give you a comforting and hygienic environment to relax. 

This article will explore the latest Virokill technology and explain the workings and benefits of using them in your homes. 

Understanding Virokill Technology

Virokill technology is the latest technology introduced by CenturyPly. The primary goal of this high-tech technology is to keep your house safe and hygienic. It has activated nanoparticles that break the microbial body after coming in contact with them. Additionally, it involves A-4 safety techniques, which are directly linked to Self-Doctoring Surface Therapy.

According to an estimation, it can kill 99% of the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms after coming into contact with the Antibacterial Laminate. Moreover, it does not use any toxins or harmful materials in the manufacturing process, thus, making them completely safe for your house with kids and old people. 

Features of CenturyPly’s Virokill Technology

This technology has affected the future of hygiene positively. Some key aspects that support Virokill technology are given below:

  1. Say No to Harmful Microorganisms 

    As already stated, the main goal of this technology is to kill all the harmful microorganisms present on the surface after coming in contact with the plywood sheets, thus, preventing its spread to other parts of the house. Plywood boards and laminates enriched with this technology are ideal for places such as kitchens and washrooms that are constantly exposed to microorganisms. 

    1. Authenticity and Originality 

    Many adulterated products are present in the market which look similar to CenturyPly’s original and authentic products. However, we provide you with the original products enriched with Virokill technology. If you are still unsure, you can download the CenturyPromise App to check the authenticity of plywood and laminate sheets. 

    1. Cost-Effective 

    Another benefit of using CenturyPly’s products is that they provide value for money and are affordable for a large section of society. 

    1. No Quick Replacements 

    One of the biggest benefits of using CenturyPly’s products is that they do not need quick replacements. Technology does not lose its impact over time. Moreover, the products are designed to provide durability and longevity. The products enriched with Virokill technology are thermostable as it maintains their unique properties even during extreme weather conditions. 

    Why Trust Virokill Technology? 

    Virokill technology kills 99% of harmful bacteria. It is not a random claim, but we have proof to support our claim. This technology by CenturyPly has been tested in Mumbai’s Biotech Testing Services. The following were the results of the test.

    • Antiviral Efficacy Test 

    Performed as per international standards, this test examined the usefulness of Virokill technology against harmful viruses. It was found that the viruses were dead after coming in contact with the technology in plywood boards. 

    • Antimicrobial Efficacy Test 

    This test examined the efficiency of antifungal and antibacterial properties of Virokill technology as per international standards. It was found that the technology ensures safety against bacteria and harmful fungi. 

    In a Nutshell

    The primary goal of a house is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your family members. CenturyPly understands this, and this is why it brings plywood sheets and Lucida laminates sheets enriched with Virokill technology.

    So, what are you waiting for? Make your house completely safe for children and old age people with CenturyPly while giving them an elegant and sophisticated look. Visit the official website of CenturyPly to know more. 

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