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Master Efficiency With Ultimate Martial Arts School Management Software

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In the digital era, it has become highly crucial to automate certain everyday tasks, especially when you run your own business, like a martial arts studio. It is because automation for basic tasks helps you save a lot of time that you can spend doing something important for business growth. With growing competition in the field, martial arts studios need the right martial arts school management software. Software, like JIBA Soft’s OnMat, helps martial arts schools to master efficiency while taking their regular operations to another level.

What is JIBA Soft’s OnMat school management software?

JIBA Soft’s OnMat is a next-generation dojo management software that offers an all-in-one solution to martial arts schools. It comes integrated with a lot of features for helping martial arts schools to manage their tasks more efficiently. From scheduling classing to handling billing and payments and managing student information, this martial arts school management software does it all.

The best part is that this martial arts school management software is intuitive and user-friendly. This makes it easier to manage various aspects of different operations at martial arts schools. Furthermore, this software is highly-customizable, making it suitable to meet the unique requirements of each school.

Features of JIBA Soft’s OnMat Martial Arts School Management Software

OnMat software is loaded with many advanced features to ensure smooth running for martial arts studios. From managing payments, members’ attendance, belt rankings, and handling finances, it can help studio owners with everything.

Here are some detailed features of this top martial arts school software:

Managing students:

Since students are the major part of any martial arts school, they need proper, time-to-time attention. Using OnMat software, it is easier to automate several recurring manual tasks so that you can focus more on the induction and training of students. Furthermore, this software keeps students’ information, like membership information, personal details, etc. at your fingertips. So, you can keep tabs on each student without any confusion.

Tracking students’ performance and progress:

A martial arts school will thrive only when its students excel at their training. But how to keep a tab on every student’s performance and progress? This is where OnMat comes in handy. This software has personalized dashboards for each student while showing their progress reports. So, it is convenient to review their performances while sharing your feedback on their activities.

Belt rankings and certifications:

Using this martial arts school management software, it is also easier to provide belt rankings and certifications to students as per their progress. It means that when a student gets promoted to the next level, the software automatically upgrades their belt ranking and also offers them the certification they deserve. The dashboard even offers a sneak view to students, trainers, and parents about their regular progress and achievements.

Tracking attendance:

When running a martial arts school, it is vital to keep a tab on students’ attendance. After all, their attendance is vital for the success of your school. With the help of OnMat software, school management can track student attendance for multiple classes with detailed analytics. The given analytics will help you check student retention rate and their presence in various seminars and events you organize. It shows their level of interest in learning martial arts.

Easily accessible:

Martial arts school management software is a boon for any martial arts studio owner. After all, it is easy to access on multiple devices, like smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets. So, one can manage everyday tasks and streamline their dojo operations from anywhere they want. Plus, the users get easy accessibility to data and structure with a large number of students.

Benefits of JIBA Soft’s OnMat School Management Software

Here are some important benefits of using OnMat martial arts school software:

Better efficiency:

When all the administrative tasks are automated, martial arts schools can enhance their work efficiency. Meanwhile, it saves their time for other important tasks, like training students.

Higher profitability:

The automation of billing and payment procedures also helps martial arts studios to improve their profitability. It also minimizes the risk of any missed payments or invoice errors.

Better customer experience:

Thanks to the use of top martial arts school software, school administration can enhance customer experience. It is because the software offers personalized communication and support to each student.

Detailed business insights:

OnMat software also provides detailed business insights to martial arts schools. It offers analytics on key metrics, like the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, student retention, and more. So, studio owners can easily make data-driven decisions while enhancing their overall business performance.


JIBASoft’s OnMat martial arts school management software is a powerful digital solution for studios to increase their efficiency. With its range of customizable features, it can help martial arts schools to take their operations to another level. No matter whether your martial arts school is new or established, this software is perfect to streamline your operations. Hence, it’s worth considering.

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