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Some Important Features of Paloma West Midtown Atlanta

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Atlanta is the capital city of the U.S. state of Georgia. It is best known as the host of the 1996 Summer Olympics. In addition to this, this city is famous for many other aspects. One of the things it is popular for is higher education. A number of students from all over the world visit this city to acquire higher education.

Therefore, there is an excellent arrangement of accommodation for international students here. One of the popular accommodation properties in Atlanta is Paloma West Midtown. This student accommodation Atlanta property has a plethora of features as per the preferences of modern-day students.

Below, you will read about some important features available in this property.

Study Features

In your student accommodation Atlanta, the major aspect you need is the arrangement for your studies. There are complete arrangements available for students in this accommodation property.

The first thing you find is a study table and chair. It allows you to study comfortably and with complete concentration. Besides, you also get a study room. This study room is very useful for you for studying without disturbance. So, for the days of your exams, the study room is the best place.

Fun and Fitness Features

You can find lots of fun while living in this student accommodation property. There is a games room available in this property where you can play the games like pool.

Besides, there is also a swimming pool in this property, which is undoubtedly a source of great fun. Students can enjoy playing in the swimming pool, taking dips inside, and lazing on the deck. Swimming has a number of fitness-related benefits also. This is why it can also be counted under the fitness features.

Students also find televisions in their accommodations. Therefore, they can enjoy watching their favorite programs on the television. They can watch TV serials, music shows, sports shows, devotional programs, discovery programs, news, and more.

Moreover, there is also a gym inside this property for the fitness of students. The gym has advanced machines on which you get a complete workout. You get the full arrangement here to stay fit and to keep your body in shape.

Internet Access

The internet is a necessary aspect of everyone’s life without any second thought. It is most required by students for their studies. The internet is very helpful for students for completing their projects and assignments. Moreover, some tutorials are available for the students in the form of videos and texts whose help students can take. Besides, sometimes, online lectures are also provided to students for which the internet is necessary. Furthermore, students require the internet also for sharing and receiving notes and lessons through email and real-time apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

In addition to this, the internet is needed today for various other things such as online shopping, communication with loved ones, entertainment via videos and music, information searching, and a lot more.

This is why the internet facility is available for students in this property. There is a broadband connection available here.

Common Area

Students not only visit abroad to get higher education but they also wish to make some new international friends. This desire increases a lot in a world-famous city like Atlanta. You can make a lot of friends here. You can get many friends in your class and college.

But, before that, you get opportunities to make new friends in your student accommodation property. In this accommodation property, you find a common area. This common area is a perfect meeting place for students. Here, students of different apartments and studios can meet each other and befriend each other. The common area can also be an ideal place for students to provide assistance to each other in their studies.

Apartments and Studios

You can find two types of accommodations in this property: apartments and studios. There are five apartments available in this property. You find 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and 5-bedroom apartments here. In the apartments, one bedroom is allotted to one student. Each bedroom has an attached bathroom. But, an apartment has a communal kitchen and lounge for the usage of all the residents.

There is also a studio available here, which has a kitchen and an ensuite bathroom. The studio is assigned to one student.

Bicycle Storage Space

Bicycle ride lovers can keep their bicycles safe in the bicycle storage space available in this property.

Security Features

Video security is available here for monitoring any suspicious activity or person. Moreover, a 24/7 security staff is appointed here for the full safety of students and their belongings.


So, it will not be wrong to say that Paloma West Midtown is an ideal accommodation property for students with modern tastes.

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