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Top 5 hottest PC Horror Games

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Whether it’s Halloween or not, several horror games are regarded as masterpieces. People simply can’t resist playing these games around Halloween for some reason. In particular if they are playing it with their buddies, they either just want a nice scare or they just want to have fun. This Halloween, you have the choice to either purchase premium horror games or play those that are available for free. Yes, there are pricey games like Resident Evil and even the recently released Remothered: Broken Porcelain, but nothing compares to a fantastic game you can download for nothing.

Here are the top horror games available for free download and online play. Check out a few of them to see whether you like them or if you decide to make them your new favourite game for Halloween!
1. State of Survival
In this game, the zombie subgenre is very much alive, and there are tonnes of references to Halloween throughout. Zombies? Check. Is the world about to end? Got it right. Although it’s not just a zombie game. The focus of the human race that survives the zombie apocalypse will surely be on survival, and that is what this game chooses to emphasise as well.

State of Survival, developed by backrooms game, is a simulation that combines settlement and zombie survival. It also seeks to explain what occurs when survivors band together and occupy historic buildings as refuges from the zombie apocalypse. The goals are mostly focused on growing this community and creating a new society during the apocalypse.

2. 100 Doors Horror
The Japanese game show with prizes or pranks concealed behind doors is akin to a horror version of 100 Doors Horror, which was created by the same people that created MakSton Play. The idea is that your character wanders off in a spooky mansion. Finding the exit door that leads to freedom is all that is required. If you open the wrong door, your situation will worsen than it was before.

The terrifying aspect of this horror game is that, if you make a mistake, you’ll probably find some horrible evil waiting to devour your soul. It will soothe puzzle addicts and problem solvers. The fact that there are numerous options available to you, even though it is unclear which is the best, presents a challenge.

3. Granny
Granny Granny by DVloper offers you an alternative perspective on going to Granny’s house. You, the protagonist, are imprisoned in a gloomy, uncomfortable house. The elderly resident of this residence, known only as Granny, will look for the intruder in her home. You must get out of this deadly trap or Granny will take your hide.

Before Granny discovers you, you must solve puzzles and locate the key in order to escape her house. You must also be excellent at hiding, and you must hope that Granny won’t figure you out. You don’t want to find out what happens when the elderly woman carrying the wired bat comes looking for you.

4. Five Nights at Freddy’s Franchise
The second, third, and fourth episodes of Five Nights at Freddy’s arrive just as you believe you have left the notorious pizza parlour where Freddy Fazbear and his cronies rule supreme. If not for the fantastic storyline, in which the protagonist must endure a night while avoiding the broken animatronic mascots, it would not have become a franchise.

The franchise’s recurring theme is malfunction, but why does it always occur at night? The supernatural link becomes apparent at this point. Throughout the entire series, your objective is to make it through the evening without getting mauled to death.

5. Demonic Manor – Horror Survival
Demonic Manor, created by Serkan Bakar, gives you in the role of a reporter exploring an abandoned manor. When you realise that there is something lurking in the manor that is not alive, investigative journalism takes its toll on you. In order to live, you must work swiftly to figure out the riddles while also trying to understand the tragic event that resulted in the loss of an innocent life.

There are hints for the horror game hidden all about the house. You will come across letters that describe what actually occurred within the mansion while attempting to flee the supernatural power vying for your soul. Because evil was sneaking into the mansion’s halls, we cannot be held responsible for what happened to the previous occupants.

Horror game preferences vary from person to person. Some people can discover that playing games like Resident Evil or Castlevania brings forth their actual sense of terror. Others might be more enthralled by the attraction of games like P.T. and Doki Doki Literature Club. At the end of the day, your gaming preferences are all that matter. Find out what kind of horror you enjoy, then pick one of these games to play on Halloween.

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