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What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship A Car?

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If you are considering shipping your car, you may be interested in learning how to do it in a cost-effective and secure manner. Car Talk conducted research on affordable ways to ship a vehicle. We will compare various car shipping options and guide you on how to obtain online price quotes for car shipping.

The most cost-effective method of transporting a car is referred to as Open Transport. This implies that your car will be securely fastened to the rear of a considerably large truck, alongside numerous other vehicles that are en route to their respective destinations.

This method can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. However, this also implies that your exquisite car will remain exposed to the elements throughout the journey, which may include debris and various weather conditions. This is a good choice for transporting cars, except if you need to move a vintage vehicle. We have written an article specifically for classic car enthusiasts, highlighting the top classic car shipping companies available.

Why Ship a Car?

The community of Car Talk is familiar with the process of auto transport. Frequently, members inquire about the most cost-effective and efficient means of transporting their vehicles. We have compiled a list of our top recommendations for the best car shipping companies to assist you in addressing any remaining inquiries. If you require transportation for your car across the country, we can provide you with the necessary assistance.

There are three primary reasons why people choose to ship their cars instead of driving them to a destination themselves.

  • If you are moving a long distance, you will need to bring one or more vehicles with you.
  • You have purchased a car that is located far away from your current location and require it to be transported to you.
  • You wish to have access to your car at your second home during different seasons.
  • In the Northeast, where Car Talk is headquartered, individuals known as “snowbirds” who own homes in warmer climates, usually Florida, begin their yearly migration south after Halloween and return with a tan and a relaxed demeanor by Memorial Day weekend. Driving back and forth can be a hassle and dangerous for many retirees.

How to Get Cheap Car Transport Quotes Online?

The way we perform any transaction today starts and ends with the internet, and cheap car shipping is no different. There are many individual shipping companies with a web presence that are happy to offer you a deal. However, like booking hotels and flights, there are now online marketplaces like uShip which will consolidate a list of carriers for you to choose from.

The way it works is quite simple. You plug in the location from which you wish to ship the vehicle, and the place you want it to arrive, and then you tell the website what car it is by listing the year make, and model. You will be asked to create a free account and a password that takes just one moment of time. You then hit the go button and your quotes appear.

The price you see is uShip’s price to offer that service to you via the carrier and uShip will add a transaction fee of around $100 to $150 to your charges. Now that you have some price points established. you can take the next step.

What Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

We conducted some experiments using the price portal to determine the shipping costs for various popular models. We chose to use popular car models such as the Acura TSX (Honda Civic) and Toyota Camry as our references.

We entered Naples, Florida as the starting location and Millis, Massachusetts, which is a suburb of Boston, as the destination. The prices prior to the uShip transaction fee varied between approximately $550 to approximately $650. We found that the price of mid-size cars did not vary significantly based on the specific year, make, and model that we inputted.

How to Save on Car Shipping Costs

Avoid door-to-door delivery

A cost-saving tip would be to avoid shipping your vehicle directly to your doorstep. Upon reflection, this concept appears to be entirely logical. The phrase “time is money” implies that time is a valuable resource that should be used wisely and efficiently.

Requiring an eighteen-wheeler to navigate through your condo complex to pick up the vehicle, and then navigate through your rural side streets will increase travel time and create transactional difficulties.

Our recommendation is to utilize the terminal locations provided by your shipper as the starting and ending points for your vehicle transportation. To travel to and from your home, we suggest using a taxi or rideshare service. Alternatively, it would be advisable to request a ride from a friend.

It would be advisable to inquire with your shipping company regarding the cost difference for door-to-door service. It is worthwhile to inquire to ensure that the savings are significant for you.

Ship Your Car on an Open-Air Trailer

An important factor to consider when it comes to cost is whether your vehicle is enclosed or not. If you own a vintage or a high-value vehicle, it is advisable to opt for enclosed shipping trailer transportation to ensure its safety and protection during transit. This is more expensive than the figures we have mentioned earlier.

If You Have More Than One Vehicle…

The price was affected by our decision to switch to a considerably bigger vehicle. When we tried to book a Chevy Suburban for a round trip, we noticed that the prices had increased to $750 despite having the same start and endpoint. If you own two vehicles and intend to drive one while shipping the other, it is possible to save up to 25% by shipping the smaller vehicle.

However, it is important to take into account the expense of gasoline. The cost of driving a Suburban from Naples to Boston will be significantly higher compared to driving a Civic. Ultimately, the outcome may be inconclusive or have an equal balance of positive and negative effects.

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