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Best Techniques For Monitoring Student Learning In The Classroom

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Many students find problems when learning or attending class remotely. There can be a network problem or any other issues. But these monitoring techniques can help students and teachers both to understand the main concept behind this. Students can better understand the class when the topic is going on. Also, teachers can also visualize the attendance and activity of all the students. 

When the teachers see a student veering so, they can intervene to help them. To personalize or extend the session, teachers can also get in touch with students who are making progress more quickly. In addition, when students have a query regarding the assignment or their development, they can ask teachers to check their displays and find solutions.. 

Here are the techniques for monitoring student learning in the classroom

1. Provides a Solution to All the Student’s Queries

When having a meeting, many students can have doubts about the lesson or the topics taught to them. At that point, knowing every student’s query would take a long time, resulting in delays for the next classes. But for monitoring student learning in virtual classroom, teachers need to check message box for doubts and queries and resolve them. With this, they’re able to resolve the query for many students at once. The Lanschool software offers this facility. It also allows schools to see the attentiveness of all the students present in the classroom, ensuring smooth and attentive classes.

2. Curriculum-Based Evaluations

This is the most widely used and tried method of controlling students. Every subject has a set of rules that must be followed to function with easy learning. Earlier, students were provided books or study materials to learn and enhance their knowledge on the subject. But in online classes, teachers evaluate them by conducting online tests. 

For this, they should take an oral curriculum test. With this way, students understand the chapter and lesson more frequently. Also, the online tool by Lanschool offers smooth and stable video classes, making the remote environment resemble the institute environment. 

3. Observation and Engagement

For monitoring student learning, teachers should engage all the students equally, especially to those who are weak in studies. The observation and interaction of the teacher and students make the learning better and students can perform well and find the tricky thing easier. 

In addition, teachers should inspire and urge learners to move in the right route through their interactions with the students. Also, it builds more confidence and enables them to push themselves to another level.

4. Frequent Evaluations

Knowing the weak point of the students can help the teacher find out the doubt and queries of the students. With proper monitoring tool, teachers can easily offer the best solution to the students learning remotely. The regular assessment task of the applicants can help them reach out to know their weak points, making them get more knowledge of the subjects and the topics. Also, the student can be more open to asking the doubts about the same subject and topics with the same teacher again. 

5. Remote Facility

Both teachers and students get the opportunity to give and get knowledge at their home freely. They can get all the facilities at their comfort places. The best part of the system is that teachers can monitor student learning in the classroom very easily. Also, because of the remote facility, students can concentrate more. Why? Because in the offline class, students are disturbed by the chit chats by their friends and by the noise of other activities.  

6. Online Attendance

A proper list of attendance is recorded in the system as proof of the attentiveness of the students. The lessons of learners at the time of online class can be recorded automatically, which can ease the task of the teachers for a smooth flow of the class. Also, the timing of the entry and exit of the teachers and students are recorded, making them know the duration of time they attended the class. 

In addition, to increase or balance out attendance, students can definitely attend the class which can enhance the monitoring of online student learning.  

7. Online Parents-Teacher Meet

Another technique to monitor students is to meet the parents online with no hassle. Unlike, offline meets which cause disturbance in learning; the online meet consumes less time, effort, and money. So, teachers need to virtually meet the parents and guardians of students.

Communicating with parents can makes a good understanding of introverted students or weak students, resulting in their good performance in class. Also, the teachers need to tell the parents about the weak part of the wards, which can enable them to understand and help their children grow.


Using school management software for best monitoring student learning in the classroom is the best way to handle them. Students below 7 years can learn frequently in their comfort zones. Techniques like online attendance; online parents teacher eating, acknowledging students and many more can enhance the learning of the students gradually.

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