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11 Best Strand Weapons In Destiny 2

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Players should keep track of the greatest strand weapons in Destiny 2 in order to maximize their builds in both PvE and PvP.

Lightfall, the newest Destiny 2 DLC, brings the Witness and Traveler faces to life. The fight with the Cabal has worsened, and with a new Disciple threatening the Traveler, Guardians must band together as they discover Destiny 2: Strand’s newest Darkness subtype.

Destiny 2 players can use the Strand element of a variety of weapons, in addition to a new subclass. Strand may be a devastating addition to many weapons in PvE and PvP, from sidearms to machine guns, Exotics, and more.

Volta Bracket

Volta Bracket sniper rifle

The thousandth trigger pull is just as effortless as the first. Snipers have a strange history in Destiny 2. Most players choose to reserve them for serious PvP warfare, and sadly, the Volta Bracket does not appear to be a viable option among the plethora of other excellent Destiny 2 Sniper Rifles available throughout the game.

This does not diminish the fact that the Volta Bracket is a good Sniper Rifle, especially with its tremendous Impact, respectable Range, and three magazine capacity. However, it is not a viable option in the Destiny 2 meta. Nonetheless, Volta Bracket can be found by completing Neomuna activities.

Synchronic Roulette

synchronic roulette submachine gun

“She came off the Exodus Indigo herself!” Despite the fact that it feels like it was made yesterday.” –Nimbus. Completing Neomuna events such as Terminal Overload gives players the best chance of obtaining the Synchronic Roulette, a Strand-focused Submachine Gun. Another Strand SMG has fans pining for a Strand bow that can compete with the Leviathan’s Breath.

The Synchronic Roulette SMG is not a realistic PvP choice, but it can be entertaining in PvP. The recoil is high, the RPM is reasonable, and it lacks what makes other SMGs feel so distinctive. If players do not have other SMGs, it is an adequate backup.

Round Robin

round robin hand cannon

Standard-issue weapon for Golden Age extraplanetary expeditions, modified to combat Vex. Exploring Neomuna and completing events on the Neptune city may reward players Round Robin, a reasonably good Strand Hand Cannon with a very high Impact stat.

Round Robin, with the right rolls, can be a viable PvP and PvE option. Handcannons, on the other hand, are fairly antiquated in comparison to other weapons due to their sluggish Rounds per Minute and Recoil. Perhaps it’s worth saving for the next Destiny 2 season in case of a buff.

Koraxis’s Distress

koraxis's distress

“I’m unable to sleep.” His look… it remains in every nook and cranny of my mind.” -Koraxis, Nezarec’s Acolyte. Grenade Launchers are a potential DPS option in Destiny 2 for both PvE bosses and Crucible players who need to be shut down with a one-shot explosive round. Fortunately for them, the Koraxis’ Distress is a decent choice for both.

Despite not being the best DPS weapon, the fact that Koraxis’ Distress is a Strand weapon makes it a viable option for Strand-specific builds. Koraxis’ Distress can be found in the first, second, or fourth encounter in Root of Nightmares.

Mykel’s Reverence

mykel's reverence sidearm

“Pain… Fear… Sacrifice… “Feed the demon.”-Mykel, Leader of the Nezarec Acolytes. Sidearms are frequently despised in Destiny 2 for unclear reasons. Their range may not be the best, but their Stability, Handing, and Rounds Per Minute are usually the decisive factors in their victory over others. It might even go well with the Warlock’s greatest exotic gear.

Sidearms are fantastic for taking off Anti-Barrier shields in Destiny 2 Season 20, therefore Mykel’s Reverence is a terrific addition to one’s arsenal when seeking for a Sidearm that isn’t an exotic or energy weapon. However, it is only available as a possible drop from the second and third encounters of Root of Nightmares.

Circular Logic

circular logic machine gun

The past is immutable, but the future is unknown. Only the present moment is truly ours. Circular Logic is a Legendary Machine Gun gained by completing Neomuna events. It’s a realistic option for some Geometry Dash Subzero PvE endgame activity, particularly when players need to kill advertisements quickly but still want an Exotic on another slot. However, PvP is a different story.

With the correct perk rolls, the Circular Logic Machine Gun is a solid option for PvE. When combined with the Titan exotic armor piece Actium War Rig, players will be able to unleash full force on their adversaries.

Final Warning

final warning exotic sidearm

The flash of tiny wings; the squeeze of a trigger. Final Warning is a rare Sidearm in Destiny 2 with a distinct Intrinsic Trait. When the player holds the trigger, the Sidearm loads bullets ready to fire, allowing the Sidearm to fire in a burst with increased stability and bullets that track their targets, unraveling them when killed, a great weapon in one of the best PS5 first-person shooters.

It’s a fun weapon that provides excellent Aim Assistance because to the lock-on ability. To acquire Final Warning in Destiny 2, players must finish The Final Strand quest, which is achieved after unlocking all Fragments by spending 200 Strand Meditations.


perpetualis auto rifle

For the soldiers of the unending conflict.Season of Defiance introduces Queensguard weaponry, one of which is a strand Auto Rifle with Perpetualis. Because of its scope and handling, this Auto Rifle is a suitable medium ground between other selections, making for a well-balanced weapon of choice.

To have a shot for a respectable roll of perks for the Perpetualis, players will need to play the Defiance Battleground playlist or use their Defiance engrams at the H.E.L.M. It’s not a bad option for warfare, but there are better options.

Rufus’s Fury

rufus's fury auto rifle

“A whisper for each round.” “A scream for every shell.” -Rufus, Nezarec’s Acolyte. To gain Rufus’ Fury, players must engage on the Root of Nightmares raid together. After finishing an encounter, you may be rewarded with this Legendary Auto Rifle. The third and fourth encounters, in particular, involve Zo’Aure, the Explicator of Planets, and Nezarec, the Final God of Pain.

Because it’s a fast-shooting Auto Rifle with the Rapid-Fire Frame Intrinsic Perk, Rufus’ Fury is ideal for ad-clearing. It also has an excellent perk pool, with a high chance of a God Roll. Rufus’ Fury excels in both PvE and PvP because to its high RPM and magazine size.

Quicksilver Storm

quicksilver storm exotic auto rifle

There are three words. Affinity is carved by hand. Altruism. Awareness. Players who pre-ordered Lightfall’s deluxe edition will receive the Quicksilver Storm, an Exotic Auto Rifle with the Intrinsic Trait to shoot a homing micro-rocket when landing multiple hits on a target. However, the power of the Gjallarhorn dwarfs that of the micro-rocket.

The Quicksilver Storm benefits from Stability, but its major selling feature is the Exotic Catalyst. Quicksilver Storm becomes a Strand elemental weapon with the Catalyst, and final grenade blows generate Tangles. The high RPM and the prospect of Tangles create a frenzy of rapid-fire, especially after the Auto Rifle upgrades.

The Immortal

the immortal adept submachine gun

Not just one, but several.For active Destiny 2 players who participated in any PvP activity during Season 20, The Immortal may have murdered them an unbelievable number of times. In the Crucible and PvE, this pistol is a vicious beast. Players can appreciate it for its quick Rounds Per Minute, excellent Range for an SMG, and superb Handling.

Playing Trials of Osiris unlocks the Immortal. It may be obtained through the loot pool or as a guaranteed drop by attaining Rank 10 with Saint-14 before Season 20 concludes. The intrinsic trait of an Aggressive Frame only adds to the weapon’s lethality.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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