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10 Tips For Conquering Accursed Towers In Diablo Immortal

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These hints and suggestions will assist someone in getting started in Diablo Immortal’s Accursed Towers mode.

Players who want to meet Inarius and Lilith in Diablo 4 will have to wait until the game’s full release in June 2923; in the meantime, Diablo Immortal has the Accursed Towers Mode for those who want a more mobile Diablo experience. The Accursed Towers Mode, which arrives with the game’s third major update, “Age of Falling Towers,” adds a new layer of PVE and PVP. Multiple towers are available for purchase while continuously rewarding their owners, particularly coveted Cursed Items. Which are powerful Legendaries with penalties in exchange for power.

Accursed Towers were a part of Sanctuary’s history in Diablo Immortal, when enigmatic towers with secret treasures were discovered across the realm. Unfortunately for the individuals that live nearby, the longer people are exposed to these Towers, the more “broken” they become in the long run. As players explore the rediscovered Accursed Towers, they quickly realize that the aura of power surrounding these locations is caused by demonic presence; however, the artifacts within them are filled with powerful energies. What strategies may players use to dominate the Accursed Towers Mode?

Imagine The Mode As More Farming, With Fewer Fights

Accursed Towers

While the gameplay of Diablo Immortal’s Accursed Towers is similar to that of Clan Wars, players who want to maximize their time spent in this mode to accumulate resources should consider the structures as a farming opportunity rather than a means of fighting other Clans. This means that the priority here is to obtain as many Cursed Shards as possible from enemies, regardless of the means.

A crucial tactic here is to see if players can figure out a farming “route” when travelling around their Accursed Tower. Similar to how they can discover likely farmable Aspirant’s crucial places. The game will very certainly follow a general “layout” of the dungeon, with approximate locations of Curse Sources and the types of creatures players will face. Knowing what to expect and how to get to these spots as quickly as possible will help players be more tactical when attempting to secure the most Shards.

Check Zone Advantage

An Accursed Tower Zone

Aside from being able to identify farming “routes” throughout Diablo Immortal mode, players must also keep track of which colored zone they are in. Not only are some portions of the map plain brown. But the zone they are entering occasionally changes color in the mini-map.

Orange zones should be prioritized because they offer twice as many bonuses in terms of both time boosts and Cursed Shards. Players that find themselves in these areas should kill as many mobs as they can because even trash opponents might drop significantly better drops. While players should not stay in these areas for too long, they are worth exploring. Especially if more mobs than usual end up congregating there.

Have A Team To Maximize Mobs

Players in Accursed Tower Mode

With Accursed Towers stressing Clans in Diablo Immortal, it’s not unexpected that the game mode rewards groups. The maximum number of persons that can enter an Accursed Tower is four, hence players should form a team of four. This configuration immediately allows players to kill as many mobs as possible. Increasing their time in the Tower and allowing opponents to respawn and drop more Shards. Having a team also allows players to establish roles for their runs, which improves collection efficiency.

Clans should assemble multiple clearance squads to secure as many points as possible in order to enhance the Clan’s overall mode score. This tactic becomes crucial in the second week. When other Clans can attempt to claim the Tower, and PVP becomes an emphasis in warfare.

Grab Heavy-Hitters For Faster Clears


The aim to this fighting-intensive mode is to find powerful hitters who can secure kills as quickly as possible. This implies that PVP-oriented Diablo Classes like the Crusader aren’t optimal. While PVE-leaning AOE spammers like the Barbarian can destroy enemies considerably faster.

In fact, the Barbarian is unquestionably one of the greatest Classes to have when completing Accursed Towers. While their Sprint already increases their movement speed, having the Swiftwing Essence Pants equipped alongside other movement-related Diablo Immortal Charms allows the Barbarian to share the movement speed buff with all nearby allies, further incentivizing team-based playstyles.

Secure A Runner For Advanced Clears

A runner ahead in an Accursed Tower

Having a runner on your side is one of the most effective techniques for dominating this Diablo Immortal game mode. A runner is the designated scout or fastest member of the group for dungeon-clearing. Because of its front-facing teleport capability, the Wizard is most certainly one of the Diablo Immortal Classes. A fully-built Wizard can then run around much of the existing area. Clearing enemies and activating Curse Sources as they come across them. They are instructed not to secure Shards. But rather to save them for later in order to maximize their time on the map.

While it’s best to stick to the team’s circular exploration strategy, the runner has the added benefit of being able to clear the next layer of the Accursed Tower due to their speed. Given the game’s link between time remaining, shared buffs, and Shards. The runner can keep killing enemies and Towers while not collecting Shards. After all, as they re-tour the map, they’ll ultimately approach the first batch of Shards they haven’t acquired.

Take Advantage Of Shared Buffs

A player fighting with an ally in Accursed Tower mode

If a four-man Diablo Immortal team arrives at an Accursed Tower, they should stick close together in the early stages of the mode to eliminate as many mobs as possible in the shortest amount of time. In theory, this should be enough for mobs to drop as many Curse Shards as required. Extending the team’s time at the start.

While players may obtain different Cursed Shards throughout an Accursed Tower run, this Diablo Immortal mode takes a different approach to buff gathering: specifically, time increases and Cursed Shards themselves. Players should keep in mind that kills are shared in Drift Boss game, which means that a character that kills an enemy can release Shards for another player to pick up.

Clear The Dungeon Per Layer

A Wizard is ideal for clearing ahead layers in Accursed Tower

Another fascinating aspect of this Diablo Immortal mode is that Accursed Towers are nearly always constructed as a circular dungeon with numerous “layers,” with an outer circle border featuring openings that allow players to delve further deeper into more dangerous territory. While players can explore these locations as they please, it is recommended. That they explore an Accursed Tower per layer slowly, especially if they are the runner.

This technique not only ensures that every Curse Source is cleared efficiently. But it also allows teams to securely travel areas and progress to deeper tiers, knowing that nothing has been left behind. When employed correctly, players should be able to maximize their time investigating a single layer, only to find even more time buffs and Shards waiting for them once they begin exploring a deeper layer.

Wait Until The Last Moment

Warning about the Cursed Shards

When Diablo Immortal players run out of time in Accursed Towers, head to the Purifying Brazier, which collects and rewards their Cursed Shards. However, players can try to take advantage of this mechanic in order to obtain as many Cursed Shards as possible. Because players will almost certainly be able to explore the map as long as they have time left on their counter. They will almost certainly come across Curse Sources to activate. Because they contain a large number of Curse Shards. These Curse Sources can help players extend their time in the mode.

In this sense, players might consider waiting until the last few seconds. Before triggering a Curse Source if they uncover one before the countdown runs out. This way, they get a few more valuable seconds rather than simply “overlapping” their current time inside the Accursed Tower. In theory, “overextending” can let players explore the area farther and uncover more Curse Sources before activating them. Allowing them to plan their route ahead of time and worry less about missing Curse Sources.

Get More Killstreaks, Not Just Shards

Player with a high kill streak

Even if their timer runs out, players can continue explore the map, remove Curse Sources, and even kill creatures. The caveat here is that they will no longer be able to obtain additional Curse Shards. However, players should keep in mind that they can only obtain Curse Shards that they generated while in the instance. This is why players can still explore the area after their run has ended. Especially if the team was able to gain more time on their end by collecting the Shards they’ve left behind.

It’s also a good idea for everyone to aim to get more killstreaks at beginning. Because a higher rate can enhance the buffs and Curse Shards given to players. This greatly incentivizes strategic gaming in terms of how players can manage acquiring more Curse Shards first to gain more time. But also killing more foes to reap bigger bonuses from the Curse Shards they drop.

Consider Bosses As Strategic Points

A boss fight in the Accursed Tower

Accursed Towers spawns bosses in the style of a never-ending dungeon. Making this mode a potentially enticing addition to Diablo Immortal’s endgame possibilities. While the added layer of challenge can be exciting for Diablo Immortal players, they may want to consider bosses as strategic points rather than places to show off their cool combos and skills.

Remember that bosses can drop buffs that increase the team’s timer by 10 seconds. Players can easily decide to fight the boss straight away in order to gain the buff as soon as possible. But it’s also a valid tactic to try and save the boss for later in order to get that much-needed speed bonus to extend exploration by a little bit.

Diablo Immortal is a PC, Android, and iOS game.

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