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World Of Warcraft Classic Classic: 7 Races That Aren’t Playable

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Unfortunately, these in-game races are not yet available in World of Warcraft Classic.

Beyond the two warring factions, there is plenty of civilization in an MMO the size of World of Warcraft. Players come across them while gaining rep with species and cultures that spend their lives apart from the war and have not joined either the Horde or the Alliance.

There were always fan ideas regarding which additional races would be available, if they would be playable at all, and if they would be neutral or join one of the warring factions. Some of the following races are available in the retail version of World of Warcraft, but they must first be unlocked.


split image furgolg grizzlemaw hold wow

This race has been present since the beginning of the MMO. Making friends with the Timbermaw Hold tribe to cross through their fortress and travel to Winterspring or Moonglade was a rite of passage for players grinding past level 50. They are linked to Tyrande Whisperwind and possess great magical talents, particularly their Shamans. They also have a presence in Grizzly Hills in Northrend. Which is one of the most beautiful areas in the game.

The Timbermaw also guard several valuable recipes and trinkets, like as the Furlbolg Medicine Pouch and different patterns, and their empire in northern Kalimdor spans several zones. If any of the individuals thinking about building Classic+ are listening. There’s a closed castle of theirs in Azshara that looks suspiciously like an unfinished instance.


Mok'nathal Orcs rexxar nagrand split image

The Mag’har are another interesting group to create, although any Orc in Outland may be a fun playable race. The Mok’nathal, a hybrid of orcs and ogres, would be intriguing not only for their blatant animosity against any Draenei. But also for their fantastic shortribs, which are part of one of the Outland daily culinary missions.

The Mok’nathal would not be a neutral race, but rather members of the Horde. In fact, their blatant hostility for other races they view as invader. Including demons and Dranei, would be an interesting dynamic for people who played the race.

High Elves

high elf split image warcraft w3

The justification that Blizzard usually seems to have for this blatant exclusion is that there aren’t enough High Elves to justify including them in the MMO, and since the player undoubtedly did kill a lot of them in Warcraft 3, that seems at least partially legit. That changed with The Burning Crusade expansion, in which there were at least enough High Elves to become Blood Elves.

It turns out that changing the lore to include another race wasn’t such a big thing after all. And players have been eagerly awaiting the return of the High Elves ever since. There are a few noteworthy High Elves in Classic: World of Warcraft, such as Sylvanas Windrunner and her sister Vereesa, and an entire city in Outland called the Allerian Stronghold is home to many of them.

The Dark Iron Dwarves

grim guzzler corin direbrew brewfest event wow classic

How many years have players silently wished for an innkeeper to set their hearthstone to the Grim Guzzler? The Dark Iron Dwarves have been a huge part of World of Warcraft since the days when the Molten Core raid was the most badass experience in the game, as denizens of Blackrock Mountain and close associates of Ragnaros.

Blackrock Mountain is large enough to house a town called Shadowforge City as well as five instances. Blackrock Depths, Upper and Lower Blackrock Spire, Molten Core, and Blacking Lair. Dark Iron Dwarves are everyone’s enemy, and they’re skilled magicians and fighters. These are a playable race on the Alliance side in retail WoW. Which makes sense given that their new queen is Magni Bronzebeard’s daughter.

The Tuskarr

kalu'ak fishing derby nortrend wow

The Kalu’ak are the most well-known Tuskarr faction in Northrend. And they hold the coveted Epic fishing pole that all the coolest players must have. Elder Clearwater, one of their emissaries, appears in Dalaran once a week to officiate the Kalu’ak Fishing Derby.

Tuskarr communities can be found all throughout Northrend, but they are largely concentrated on the southern coast and have a convenient public transportation system connecting major towns. A playable Tuskarr race would include fishing and other water-related skill advantages, such as swimming.


barney farley

Ogres are considered one of the main possibilities whenever there is word of another expansion that will contain a new race. They’re formidable magic users and terrifying warriors, and players have known this since the first time they had to confront them, which was early on in Drive Mad game because they appear to live everywhere.

Ogres live in the Arathi Highlands, rule over the massive instance of Dire Maul. And are a powerful political force in Outland. Their magical prowess and clear superiority in melee combat cannot be contested. Grinding rep with a specific faction in Blade’s Edge Mountains is linked to one of the longest attunement chains in TBC.


arakkoa-outcast outland

The player’s first encounters with the Arakkoa are not particularly good. There are many terrible stories in Outland, and one of them is the story of the Arakkoa Outcasts. Not all Arakkoa are hostile; in fact, there are a few in Shattrath City who are crucial high-level trainers in charge of Azeroth’s only non-instance Alchemy Lab.

The Arakkoa, one of Azeroth’s most brilliant races, have been compared to Gnomes in terms of their creativity. That is obvious given their prowess with magic, but it can also be extended to other skills such as Engineering. Which is not unlikely given the complex, elevated structures they build.

World of Warcraft is now accessible for PC.

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