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4 Tips For Uniting The Spanish Thrones In Crusader Kings 3

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Following these suggestions will make it easier to unite the Spanish thrones as Infanta Urraca in Crusader Kings 3.

In Crusader Kings 3, Infanta Urraca Fernández is the Countess of Zamora and the eldest child of the late King Ferdinand the Great. Due to succession laws and confederate division laws favoring male heirs, Infanta Urraca’s three younger brothers acquired the kingdoms of Galicia, León, and Castille despite being the eldest child. Infanta Urraca is Countess to King Alfonso VI, her brother and lover. She has claims to all of her brothers’ kingdoms, and her gaming options include uniting the Spanish Thrones, forming Portugal, or forming a Cadet Branch and forging her own dynasty.

Infanta Urraca’s gameplay is rated difficult in Crusader Kings 3, however uniting the Spanish thrones can be straightforward. Infanta Urraca can ascend to the throne of Castille and seize the Duchy of Coimbra through cunning, deception, and a little luck. Schemes and assassination plans might go wrong, and vassals can complicate matters as Infanta Urraca strives to increase Crown Authority and maintain control of her kingdom. However, achieving the Unite the Spanish Thrones achievement is not as difficult as forming Portugal.

Kill Her Darlings

King Alfonso VI is about to be murdered by Infanta Urraca

Despite her excellent Stewardship ability, the Intrigue lifestyle is the most effective way to unite the Spanish Thrones. Incestuous relations exist between Infanta Urraca and her brother, King Alfonso VI. This link, as well as King Alfonso VI, should be severed. In actuality, Infanta Urraca must carry out murder plots on all of her brothers and their children.

At the very least, the incestuous lovers’ relationship must be broken up. Due of inbreeding, any ensuing children may have unfavorable features. Which would be devastating for vassals and other people’s impressions of Infanta Urraca if discovered.

Intrigue And Congenital Traits

Infanta Urraca featured next to the branches in the Intrigue lifestyle

While the Intrigue lifestyle makes murderous schemes easier, this can be accomplished before Infanta Urraca receives her first perk point. It won’t happen every time, and her schemes will often be discovered, or people will expose her crimes and blackmail her. This is still the most straightforward path to dominating Castille. Which will pave the road for the choice to unite the Spanish Thrones. Belidu Dolfos, a courtier with a superb Intrigue skill value of 21, should be appointed as Infanta Urraca’s Spymaster.

Infanta Urraca possesses the Chaste trait, which carries a fertility penalty, which must be avoided. With enhanced spousal fertility traits like Fecund, Comely, Handsome, and Beautiful, a boost from the Intrigue lifestyle’s Like Weeds in a Garden perk, and Infanta Urraca’s spouse as her lover or soulmate, there should be a handful of children before Infanta Urraca can no longer have them. Children are useful for powerful alliances and reputation gain, in addition to perpetuating the dynasty.

Alliances And Angry Vassals

Infanta Urraca fighting against a faction in a Liberty War

During her reign over Castille, Infanta Urraca will face numerous rebellions. Vassals will desire the crown to have less authority over them. People will strive to dissolve the realm, and there will be factions for claimants to the throne. Vassals rising up against her will be annoying at best and destructive to her reign. If it occurs during another conflict, such as a struggle for Coimbra as part of Galicia. It is critical for vassals to have a favourable opinion of Infanta Urraca in order to limit the possibility of rebellions and discontent that might lead to factions against her.

Allies with powerful entities such as England, Tuscany, and the Holy Roman Empire will provide Infanta Urraca with enough warriors to quell any rebellions and initiate whatever conflicts she desires. Alliances with huge armies will provide the best defense against any rebellions. After losing their faction warfare, the imprisoned vassals can be executed. Increasing Infanta Urraca’s terror and making it more difficult for her vassals to oppose her. Prevent vassals from lowering Funny Shooter 2 at all costs. Infanta Urraca is willing to sacrifice status or money to fight these conflicts. Because it takes ten years to increase or weaken Crown Authority. Giving up the Crown Authority will set Infanta Urraca back significantly.

It’s Her Royal Prerogative

The Royal Prerogative fascination is needed to get a higher Crown Authority in order to unite the Spanish Thrones

Investigate the Royal Prerogative obsession to gain the capacity to create laws under both the High Crown Authority and the Absolute Crown Authority. This should be studied as soon as feasible and may be found under the culture menu’s Early Medieval area.

Convert the culture of counties in Castille to Castilian culture and support development in such counties, whoever is Steward in the council. Increasing these two values will hasten the progression of the Royal Prerogative obsession. Once the fascination is discovered and Infanta Urraca passes a higher Crown Authority, the Spanish Thrones can be united.

Crusader Kings 3 is a PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S game.

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