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Wartales: 10 Tips For New Players

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Beginners may find Wartales intimidating, but with these suggestions, they’ll be able to navigate the five provinces with ease.

In its vast, vibrant open world, Shrio Games’ Wartales is a medieval RPG with turn-based combat and a variety of other interesting gameplay mechanics. Players will command a mercenary party and hunt the lands for rewards and treasures, all while uncovering ever-deepening mysteries and mythology.

With parallels to the Mount And Blade series’ exploration and adventure components, paired with turn-based combat akin to XCOM, some gamers may already feel at home with these concepts. However, for newer players, it can be difficult to adjust. However, there are a few tips and tricks that will help players as they travel across the plague-infested world of Wartales five provinces.

Use Roads

Wartales Roads

Sticking to highways rather than traversing dense forests or deep snow is one simple approach to be efficient with the party’s Fatigue. While there are frequently resources or quests to be completed off the beaten path, moving through these environments will be slower and tire the party out faster.

By staying on highways as much as possible, the party will go rapidly and not tire as quickly. As a result, rather than having to rest and heal, more time can be spent actually exploring.

Inspect Locations

Wartales Inspect locations

A dissected perspective of the building’s interior, as well as any NPCs that players may need to deal with, will be available at various spots throughout the area. Additionally, treasure chests and other items are frequently hidden throughout these mini-sections.

While some more complex chests and trunks will necessitate the use of lockpicks by a companion with the Thief profession, other items will be available for use and can be taken without suspicion. One notable example is ore veins found within mines and extracted with the appropriate profession.

Don’t Over-Recruit

Wartales Recruitment

Throughout the game’s world, players will encounter numerous NPCs eager to sign up and fight alongside the starting party. While there is no upper limit to the number of companions a player can have in their party, recruiting too many at an early stage will result in massive Krown and Food expenditures, which can be difficult to manage in the early stages of the game.

It’s also worth noting that in Region-Locked mode, there will be a predetermined amount of adversaries. Meanwhile, the number of enemies will scale with the player in Free Exploration mode. Each partner in the group will gain new enemies, thus a larger party means more foes to battle.

Use Pitons

Wartales Pitons

Using Pitons, players can ensure that their party traverses the five provinces efficiently. A Tinkerer can construct these small tools at the Workshop, and they will also require Rope to function.

Pitons, which are placed on cliff edges and steep hillsides, will allow the party to descend. This can frequently shorten distances and provide access to otherwise inaccessible territory.

Assign Professions

Wartales Professions

Companions will be able to master secondary Professions in addition to their fighting skills. Alchemists create potions, oils, and bombs, while blacksmiths construct weapons and armor for the rest of the group.

Angler, Cook, Miner, Scholar, Woodcutter, Thief, Tinkerer, Doctor, and Bard are among the various occupations. Each of them will give this friend a new skill tree and a new set of abilities.

Use Camp Equipment

Wartales Camp Equipment

As the party grows tired, they will need to set up camp and rest. During this time, they must also be fed and paid, and any internal party conflicts or conversations must be resolved.

If a companion is assigned the Tinkerer profession, they can use the Workshop to create new items for the group, such as camping gear. This equipment will generate passive revenue and bonuses. When the Tinkerer, for example, is dragged and dropped to the Workstation, they will begin to acquire Raw Materials with each rest. Similarly, assigning a Cook to the Cooking Pot reduces the Party’s overall Food consumption.

Learn Recipes

Wartales Recipes

Learning new dishes is another technique to meet the food demands of partners. These can be obtained by reading the recipes, which are frequently purchased at markets or taverns. And will cost Knowledge Points for each recipe.

These unique meals will supply substantially more nourishment than the ordinary items obtained or purchased around the world, and they frequently have additional benefits such as lowering weariness or increasing time between rests. Learning these recipes will be especially important for larger occasions to ensure that food consumption is satisfied as efficiently as feasible. Furthermore, some of the recipes sound delectable.

Capture Animals

Wartales Capture Animals

Animals can be tamed and recruited to join the team in addition to hunting and killing them for experience or food. If the player has ropes in their inventory and their companion’s health is low. The companion can use the ‘Knock Out’ skill to calm down the animal instead of killing it.

After that, these creatures can join the party and battle with them. Certain classes can control these animals with the Hunter or Beastmaster specialization. And bears in particular make excellent allies with high hit points and damage output. They do, however, significantly increase the party’s food intake.

Capture Prisoners

Wartales Prisoners

Human prisoner exchange is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make large quantities of Krowns in Wartales. Human opponents, like animals, can be pacified with Chains. They will then become party inmates who may be sold in jails for extra money.

This can be a far more effective way of earning money, especially in the early Basket Random game, than traveling to some further off quests. These captives will be worth at least 60 Krowns on average, often adding value to bounties that already pay 200+ Krowns.

Strategize Carefully

Wartales Strategize

Battles in Wartales, as a turn-based combat game, are more akin to a chess match than a standard RPG. This means that every step is more significant and must be considered before being carried out. Companions that die will not return at the end of the conflict (unless in arena combat). Therefore remove any Dying companions from the fight as early in a turn as possible.

Consider innovative ways to connect attacks and abilities. An area-of-effect ability may occur the following round. But another buddy may have the ability to knock opponents into its path. There is no time limit between turns, and on lower difficulties. You may always repeat the combat or return to the previous village. Use these parameters as necessary.

Wartales is now available on PC.

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