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7 Most Useful Engravings In Fire Emblem Engage

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Weapons benefit from engravings. Each emblem in Fire Emblem Engage comes with its own engraving to use.

Fire Emblem Engage is a recent Fire Emblem franchise addition that is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. Fans of the Fire Emblem franchise were rewarded to the reappearance of some classic old characters in Engage via a new system known as Emblem Rings, and, in the case of DLC characters, Emblem Bracelets.

The Emblems grant enormous power to any unit with which they are synced, offering Engage skills as well as stat bonuses that are game changers on the battlefield. These Emblems can also provide weapon engravings, which can be done at the Blacksmith in Somniel. However, some are unquestionably superior to others and can render a weapon extremely powerful.


Close up of Marth in Fire Emblem Engage

Marth is the original Fire Emblem protagonist, dating back to Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and The Blade of Light, and appears as the Emblem of Beginnings in Engage. He is the first ring that the player will be able to use. And he works well with the main character Alear.

Marth is one of the most well-rounded when it comes to his weapon engraving, the Engraving of Beginnings. He adds a +1 to Might, a +10 to Hit and Critical, and a +5 to Avoidance and Dodge. Using his engraving has no drawbacks, therefore you can’t really go wrong with him.


fire emblem engage leif

Leif is the primary character in the game Thracia 776, but he also appeared in the Genealogy of the Holy War, making him the Genealogy Emblem in Engage. He is first acquired by the player in Chapter 8, before being stolen and then reclaimed.

His engraving, the Engraving of Genealogy, has few drawbacks and largely benefits. His engraving grants +1 Might, +20 Hit, and +10 Avoidance to the weapon that bears it. On the other hand, it will give the weapon +1 weight, which is the single disadvantage.


Lyn in Fire Emblem Engage

Lyn, full name Lyndis, is a popular Fire Emblem character from the game The Blazing Blade. She is one of the game’s three major characters, along with Hector and Eliwood. In Engage, she is known as the Emblem of Blazing. During Chapter 11 of the game, she is acquired thanks to Ivy.

Lyn’s engraving, the Engraving of Blazing, is incredible, but it reduces the weapon’s strike power. It will indeed cause the weapon to have -3 Might. But it will also cut its weight by 3 and offer a massive critical boost of 20. It will also offer an additional hit of 40.



Camilla, the Eldest Princess of Nohr from Fire Emblem Fates, emerges as the Emblem Of Revelation in the second wave of DLC for Engage. She will be able to join the Emblem roster once the player has completed her Divine Paralogue – The Doting Sister.

Camilla’s engraving, the Engraving of Revelation, provides a significant critical boost to any weapon, an additional +30 to be exact. It also boosts the weapon’s Might by one. On the negative, it adds 1 to the weapon’s weight and gives the unit a -20 in both Avoidance and Dodge.


Claude, Dimitri, and Edelgard in Fire Emblem Engage

Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude are the Three House Leaders from the previous core release, Three Houses, and are present in The Emblem of Rivals. This bracelet is one of the most powerful in the game and can be obtained after purchasing the DLC without having to defeat any specific combat.

The Rival Engraving is also quite beneficial. It boosts the weapon’s power by one and offers +10 to hit, critical, and avoidance. The only drawback is a one-point increase in weapon weight.


Fire Emblem Engage Byleth character intro close-up

Byleth is the main character in the game Three Houses and the professor at the Officer’s Academy. In Engage, he is known as the Emblem of the Academy. Byleth appears later in the game, in chapter 14 in the Solm region, and is one of the most useful rings in Spacebar Clicker game.

The Academy’s Engraving delivers bonuses in practically all criterion. The largest disadvantage is the +2 in weapon weight, but it also grants a weapon +30 Hit and Dodge, as well as +10 Critical and Avoidance.



Corrin is the protagonist of her own game, Fire Emblem Fates. Her fate is influenced by who she sides with in her game, and she is known as the Emblem of Fates in Engage. She first appears in the Engage plot in Chapter 15, alongside the game’s dancer, Seadall, and she possesses a variety of valuable skills, including Dragon Vein.

To begin with, the Engraving of Fates reduces the Might of a weapon by 2. On the other hand, it offers the maximum critical boost of 30 together with the Engraving of Revelation. Add to that the +30 Dodge and +10 Avoidance boosts, and it becomes one of the greatest engravings.

Fire Emblem Engage is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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