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Kolhapuri Chappal For Women- The Newest Trendsetters In Town

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What about a day when you are just you? Walking comfortably, looking gorgeous, and doing your best? For this, with confidence, you also need to wear fashionable attire that is comfortable at the same time. One such example of comfort and confidence is the kolhapuri chappal for women. Invented in Kolhapur, this footwear has literally become the heart of India with being the best traditional resemblance. In the modern day, you can wear Kolhapuri chappals in so many ways. Here are some of the examples of the modern attire that go wonderfully with this traditional footwear.  

The Palazzo Combination

Nowadays, pants are replaced with one of the most comfortable and baggy apparel i.e., palazzo. Apart from the suits, denim palazzo and palazzo with crop top is one such indo-western combination that looks way more more stunning and stylish. To complete this, the collection of Kolhapuri chappal for women is one such trend breaker. After all, there are so many stylish introductions with floral patterns, embroideries, dark colors and many more. These certainly pair great with one another. On this, style silver metal jhumkas to add to the graceful touch.  

With Salwar Suits

Suits and Kolhapuri chappal is an eternal combination for women. However, just like the newest trendy introductions of salwar suits like palazzo kurti, pant kurti, co-ord suits, etc., kolhapuri, too, are being upgraded. You can explore a vivid range of chappals with designer choices in multiple colors. Match the suit with the chappal color or let the ethnic feels of the suit and the chappal vibe with one another. Traditionals are not always heavy, these can be light and comfortable too, and this dressing style is the epitome of the same. 

Denim And Short Kurtis

Hop to the recent sale and buy more short kurtis, because you are not going to be over it for a long time. The lightweight kurtis with a denim look classy, quirky, and chic. With this, mom pants or ankle-length pants add a great combo. And along! Try the newest collection of Kolhapuri chappal for women; you are going to love it. Whether you are going to a college or visiting relatives, it will look stunning in every case.  

Long Skirts And Chappal

Long skirts can never be out of fashion, especially when you are looking for a decent, flowery outfit when heading out for a date. A long skirt with a short t-shirt and a stole is exactly the indo-western attire he would want to see you in. With this, Kolhapuri chappal for women, which also includes gunghroo on it, can be all the more heart-warming. Kolhapuri chappals are more inclined toward the Indian touch, and therefore, this more traditional and authentic attire can complement your footwear to a fair extent.  

Chappals With Western

It is not just about being traditional; nowadays, the Kolhapuri chappal designed for women is for more than one purpose. Today these are designer enough to be paired with shorts, capris, and even dungarees. Choose the typical kolhapuri chappals in brown to pair with almost every color and make a great contrast. Apart from wearing in mandir, the chappals can also be the exclusivities for the night walk by the marine side. 

5 Times Bollywood Surprised Us With Kolhapuri Chappals

Shraddha Kapoor

Talking about Bollywood’s love for Kolhapuri chappals, Shraddha Kapoor had to top the list. Be it in a white floral dress, rugged jeans with a knotted top, or a crop top with a fish-cut skirt, her mood for wearing Kolhapuri chappals is never off. She herself admitted in the interview when she was wearing a black t-shirt and shorts with kolhapuri chappals. Her never-ending love for Kolhapuri chappal for women and ideas of flaunting it has made it one of the topping shopping items on the women’s list. 

Kriti Sanon

Featured with the harrom and kurti in Bareilly in Barfi and a saree in Luka Chuppi, Kriti Sanon has set marks about how graceful and stunning can simple Indian wear look. But people could still not get their eyes off her kolhapuri chappals. After all, it simply made her gait gorgeous and inspiring. Well, not just traditional; her love for Kolhapuri chappal for women can also be seen in her airport look in Mumbai. Here she is spotted wearing chappals, even with a dress, to set a revolution of how the Indian and the Western can go hand in hand beautifully.  

Deepika Padukone

If Deepika wears it, then you got to wear it too. The love for Kolhapuri chappal for women goes all around the nation, and Mrs. Ranveer Singh has flaunted her fondness for the same too. Her after-marriage media appearance in a red suit, her red carpet walk in high-low kurti, and her airport look in a white suit; everything has an addition of Kolhapuri chappals.  

Kiara Advani

The entire nation awaits the after-marriage goals of the celebrities. And Siddharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani Malhotra’s look was one of them. Her red A-line suit with a mangal sutra and sindoor has made its goal for the newlywed wifies of the nation. However, another notable in this look is how she is walking and flaunting her pair of Kolhapuri chappals. Kolhapuri chappal for women is no lesser than a must-have for beautiful newlywed women like her. 

Get your celebrity look every day with these super comfortable and super stylish footwear. Today you will find countless upgraded designs in the traditional family of kolhapuri chappal for women. For this, visit straight at Fizzy Goblet to find out the super comfortable and super stylish women footwear. Do not worry about the sizes when you are here. You can find every size, every style, and a measurement chart in case you are not aware of your accurate feet size. Pick it, order it, and flaunt your new Kolhapuri chappals in a beautiful way. You will fall for it every day.  

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