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Key Principles of the NCF 2020

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The NCF 2020 aims to help the education policy in bringing transformation. The Indian school system based on its mission and vision. It focuses on improvements in various aspects such as pedagogy, curriculum, and management to enhance educational quality. Elevate students’ skills and learning outcomes. It emphasizes students’ overall experience and development in the institutes, hence they are also here to improve the school’s culture. Environment, and offerings to the students rather than just creating a great curriculum.

The NCF is majorly focus on learning objectives while creating a curriculum. They have a well-organized process that will help them develop a set of standards. Guidelines for the institutes to follow. The NCF solely focuses on these goals to create the thresholds and guidelines for the students.

Here are the Key Principles of NCF 2020-

Transformation of Education System-

The NCF aims to create changes in the traditional methods. Education that have been follow over the last several years. The modernization and digitalization of all aspects of education play. Important role in framing the guidelines and standards that must be follow in various institutes. It aims to enhance skills among students in various fields of technology catering to rapid digitization and rising innovations across the globe. They aim to improve the credibility and value given to the students in the education system.

Enabling Realistic Transformation-

Changing the methods of teaching, learning, and management in the institutes is not an easy task. The students, management, and faculty have been working with the traditional methods for decades, and changing that comes with a risk of lesser productivity, low efficiency, and difficulty in working.

Further, the availability of capital and resources plays a major role in conducting these transformations. The NCF 2020 aims at conducting significant and systematic changes in the methods of working. Gradual adjustments in the ways of working along with proper training and guidance to the faculty are encourag by the NCF 2020.

Curriculum Updates-

The NCF 2020 aims to create an educational system that focuses on the development of skills among students to make them capable of contributing to society’s well-being in the future. The entire education is based on making them ready for what’s coming next to ensure high employability and the development of skilled professionals across the country. For this, the curriculum must be transform to focus on the overall development of the students and make modifications at every level of the teaching system beginning from the teacher’s education to the student’s methods of learning.

Understanding Teacher’s Role-

Teachers play an important role in delivering educational content to students using instructions, and activities in the classroom. In the previous methods of classroom education, they used a teacher-centered approach where the teachers gave lectures on a particular topic or chapter. There was no idea about students’ learning in the system. Hence, it was important introduce student-center learning methods for a better experience and student participation in the classroom.

Further, NCF 2020 emphasizes frequent workshops training programs teachers different levels teach them new updates subjects methods teaching classroom. The NCF encourages teachers to create a healthy environment in the classroom and encourages the students to engage in classroom activities.

Roles of Stakeholders-

Stakeholders hold the power and authority over how educational organizations implement NCF 2020. The NCF defines the clear roles of the stakeholders in any organization and helps them to maximize their potential.

Four Pillars of NCF 2020

1.  The national curriculum framework for School education set the standards for curriculum development, methods of teaching, curricula, textbooks, and others.

2.  The NCF 2020 focuses on early childhood education for students in the age of their brain development.

3.  The NCF focuses on upgrading teachers’ education and qualification requirements. It aims to train them in methods of teaching and pedagogical techniques in the classroom.

4.  The NCF gives a provision for adult education among the people. It helps to be a turning point in the development of values among students using age-appropriate methods.


The NEP 2020 has given a set of standards that are made to implement with the help of NCF 2020. It works based on learning objectives and results of what is expect from the students. It ensures that the education system is on the way to transformation with respect to the changes in the world.

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