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8 Best Guns You Should Use In Resident Evil 4 Remake

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The Resident Evil 4 remake’s eight weapons are based on genuine firearms. Here are some fun facts about them.

One of the advantages of remaking an older game, such as Resident Evil 4, is that, in addition to the apparent aesthetic and technical upgrades made to the original, the weapons, in particular, receive a major update in terms of how they both appear and feel to the player. While the original RE4’s weapons are generally quite cartoonish, the remade weapons closely resemble their real-life counterparts.

In fact, here are some of the weapons from the Resident Evil 4 remake compared to their real-life counterparts to see what parallels they have and where they differ for one reason or another.

Red9 / Mauser C96

RE4 Mauser C96

Resident Evil 4 is one among many games that utilise the iconic “Broom Handle Mauser.” As it has become known since its invention over a century ago. The game’s version is called “Red9,” a nod to the Prussian 1916 contract copies of the pistol. Which wore a prominent red coloured 9 on the handle to indicate its 9mm chambering (the original is chambered for 7.63 Mauser).

The weapon was a popular favourite in the original RE4 due to its efficiency. Which has been preserved in large part in the remake. It may be updated with a shoulder stock and more ammunition.

Matilda / H&K VP70M

RE4 VP70m

In both the original RE2 and its remake, the Matilda is known to be Leon’s personal sidearm. It returns, along with its distinctive shoulder stock, in the RE4 remake. In reality, this pistol is known as the H&K VP70M, which was groundbreaking in that it was the first polymer frame handgun and had a very large magazine capacity for a pistol at the time.

Unfortunately, it is also notorious for its poor ergonomics. Including a terribly designed trigger that is frequently described as feeling similar to that of a stapler. With the shoulder stock connected, the game’s version, like its inspiration, can be modified to fire in bursts of three rounds at a time.

Skull Shaker / Winchester Model 1887

RE4 Skull Shaker

Everyone enjoys lever action firearms, and the Skull Shaker certainly lives up to their awesome reputation. It is based on the Winchester Model 1887, which was designed by John Moses Browning, a famed guns innovator.

The Skull Shaker is a unique weapon that can only be obtained by purchasing the game’s deluxe and collectors versions, or through its own DLC. This weapon is clearly influenced by Arnold’s debut in Terminator 2. In which Arnold carries a sawed-off variation and famously flip-cocks the pistol one-handed. This is something Leon will also do.

Striker / Penn Arms Striker 12

The Striker shotgun in Resident Evil 4 remake

The Striker 12, also known as the Street Sweeper, is a famed rotating shotgun design that was invented in South Africa. Albeit the in-game version is based on an American copy. The Striker was remarkable in the original RE4 in that it could be upgraded to hold 100 shells at a time. Which is completely ludicrous (the real pistol only carries 12 rounds).

The remake maxes out this shotgun at 48 shells after upgrades, which, while insane, isn’t nearly as mad as 100. After Chapter 10, it can be purchased from the merchant and serves as a powerful late-game semi-auto shotgun for close encounters.

LE 5 / H&K MP5A5


The MP5A5 makes a cameo as the LE 5, a burst fire SMG. While the MP5 did not appear in the original Resident Evil 4, its remake, albeit slightly modified, brings it back from Resident Evil 2: Remake. For one thing, it’s no longer entirely automated (a feature exclusive to the Navy A5 model). And it lacks the original optic by default, but one can be added via upgrades.

The gun is obtained for free after solving a mystery in Chapter 13 and is chambered in 9mm. As opposed to its RE2 remake equivalent, which is chambered in.380 ACP.

Chicago Sweeper / Thompson SMG

resident evil 4 chicago sweeper guide

The famous Thompson Submachine Gun returns in its WW2 version from the original RE4. It is a weapon known as the Chicago Sweeper (formerly the Chicago Typewriter) that can only be obtained by completing Happy Wheels game on professional level with at least an A rating. In comparison to the genuine Thompson SMG, the Chicago Sweeper is chambered in 9mm rather than.45 ACP.

It is also clearly based on the Thompson M1A1 version, which does not accept a drum magazine. Instead, 30-round box magazines are used. However, in the RE4 version, these magazines carry 50 rounds, with the drum increasing that to 70.

SR 1903 / Springfield M1903A4


The SR 1903 is a sniper weapon in the RE4 remake that is modelled on the American bolt action rifles M1903A3 and A4. During WWI, the M1903 was the standard issue bolt action rifle in the United States (albeit it was outnumbered among troops by the M1917 rifle). And it later served as a sniper rifle during WW2.

It had its own scope, which was regrettably replaced by a generic ACOG sight in RE4 and was incorrectly chambered for .223 calibre ammunition while the gun is actually chambered for 30-06. It may be gained in Chapter 2 and upgraded to a 13-round capacity.

Stingray / H&K SL8


The assault weapons embargo in the United States, which was in force from 1994 to 2004. Had an impact on weapon designs in gaming at the time the original RE4 was launched. Many games created during and around this time period featured weapons designed in accordance with the ban, giving them a distinct appearance. One such weapon is the Stingray, which is based on an AWB-compliant import of the H&K G36.

The SL8 rifle is distinguished by a 10-round magazine, a thumbhole stock. And the absence of any muzzle device in accordance with the ban’s requirements. RE4’s version may be upgraded with a scope and a higher magazine capacity of 18 shots. And it becomes available through the merchant in Chapter 7.

The Resident Evil 4 remake is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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