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Epoxy Floor Coatings – A Durable and Hard-Winging Solution

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Epoxy floor coatings provide an attractive, long-term surface that’s easy to keep clean – some applications of epoxy can last over 20 years!

Installers of epoxy must ensure the appropriate ratio between resin and hardener for optimal floor hydration. Otherwise, it will fail to cure correctly and leave an unsightly mess behind.

Texel Agency

Texel Agency is the go-to choice for the best epoxy flooring services in Coimbatore. Specializing in epoxy floor coatings, we offer a durable and hard-wearing solution for a variety of commercial and industrial spaces. Our skilled team of professionals understands the unique requirements of each project, delivering high-quality epoxy coatings that are not only visually appealing but also resistant to wear, chemicals, and heavy foot traffic. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, Texel Agency ensures that your floors are protected and maintain their pristine appearance for years to come. Trust us for the best epoxy flooring services in Coimbatore.


No matter the application in Baton Rouge, floors must withstand heavy foot and machinery traffic. Many choose epoxy flooring because it’s durable yet attractive and simple to maintain – an ideal combination.

Epoxy flooring can easily withstand foot and machine traffic, extreme temperatures, accidental chemical or oil spillages and harsh cleaning products – making it the go-to material in factories, warehouses and manufacturing spaces, retail showrooms, commercial kitchens as well as hospitals and nursing homes.

Epoxy can be installed by a specialist team for lasting strength and durability, but first requires surface preparation – including removal of dirt, oil and grease as well as filling in cracks in concrete floors – in order to be applied. A professional will make sure that their surface is ready before mixing and applying epoxy as soon as possible in order to prevent discoloration or loss of strength of coating over time.

Epoxy can discolor if not exposed to enough UV light for curing, since UV reaches resin and triggers its cross-linking process, creating robust strength. Therefore, UV exposure should be controlled through either avoiding direct sunlight or hiring a professional who uses an infrared curing system.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning epoxy floors is straightforward and should become part of your regular business maintenance regimen. A mop and cleaning solution designed specifically to care for epoxy floor coatings should suffice; vinegar or citric acid-containing cleaners could deteriorate them over time.

Most dirt and grit that could potentially scratch an epoxy floor can be removed with just daily sweeping and mopping, and protecting areas where heavy machinery or vehicles use the floor with plywood or mats may further help avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Spills should always be cleaned up as soon as they occur for both employee safety and the protection of epoxy flooring, in particular engine oil which has the potential to cause irreparable damage if allowed to sit on it too long.

Some stains require additional effort, but even those can often be eliminated with a kitchen scrubbing sponge and warm water. Remember to scrub lightly and rinse well afterwards; for chemical stains like rust you may require neutralizers or solvents in order to eliminate them completely from your floor surface.

Slip Resistant

An epoxy floor’s textured surface helps make it non-slip, while many companies choose to incorporate anti-slip additives like shark grip, aluminum oxide, silica sand or sparkle tuff into their flooring systems for maximum non-slippery performance. These anti-slip agents should integrate seamlessly with the epoxy system so they won’t become separate entities on the floor surface, thus decreasing workman’s compensation claims from people getting hurt on your property due to slip and fall accidents.

There are various ways in which you can make your floor slip resistant, so it is wise to consult a flooring professional regarding what will best meet your needs. They will advise on the most efficient means of doing so.

Food processing plants and paper mills require aggressive slip resistance to ensure employee safety, while warehouses, garages, and storage areas also benefit from slip-resistant flooring solutions. Slip and fall accidents are extremely prevalent in commercial spaces such as these so it’s essential that proper precautions be taken in order to prevent slip and falls – this helps meet your duty of care as a business owner as well as safeguarding against costly liabilities caused by such incidents.


Whatever use your commercial or industrial floor has, from heavy machinery, vehicles and back-of-house facilities to office spaces containing heavy equipment; an epoxy coating can protect it from damage. It can withstand forklift traffic on the floor as well as equipment being dropped onto it and even water pressure washers passing over it – providing less maintenance costs and repairs down the line.

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Epoxy flooring represents an outstanding value compared to other floor solutions, including carpet, hardwood, tile floors, and vinyl tiles. While carpet, hardwood, and tile must be regularly replaced due to wear-and-tear issues, epoxy can last years with minimal upkeep costs and costs less than other materials like linoleum and vinyl flooring.

Negotiating with contractors and bundling services together may help reduce the cost of an epoxy floor. You might get a discount if they seal your driveway or refinish cabinets simultaneously.

Epoxy floors may have some false connotations; however, they’re an affordable solution suitable for many property types and leave surfaces with an attractive finish. Get in touch with us now to discover more of its benefits or schedule an estimate – our clients span across the United States!

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