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The Benefits To Know About How To Soundproof Your Home

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Rockwool, sometimes referred to as stone wool is a versatile kind of insulation utilised in a variety of uses. A lot of people simply speak of Mineral Wool insulation however there are two kinds, rockwool flexi slab duo slab as well as Glass.

Like their names, they are constructed from different substances. This means that they perform differently. Therefore, while you may utilise them interchangeably in certain apps, there are other instances where one is more effective.

The Basic Terms and Conditions and the Regulations

In the beginning, there are a few fundamental concepts and definitions that you need to learn about. For instance, building acoustics comprise two essential values that are frequently misunderstood as one.

Acoustic insulation is a term use to describe the reduction of sound transmission that occurs when particular insulation materials are utilise to block or limit the sound from one area to the next, thereby reducing the sound pollution.

In the present, sound can be able to pass directly through the structure that divides two spaces (walls, flooring, walls, etc.) or pass through the structure surrounding it, which is the reason we distinguish between the direct or indirect transfer.

A further important distinction is the difference in the airborne (the sound that is transmit through air) and sound that is emit by impact (cause by footsteps for instance).

Another element is sound absorption that measures the amount of sound is absorb and consequently los when it comes into contact with an object.

acoustic insulation

Acoustic Insulation Materials and Methods

The main goal you’re trying to achieve through soundproofing is to down on noise transferred from one room to the next. This implies that the type of material you select will depend on many factors that need to be consider prior to the purchase. This includes:

Identifying the source of the noise, that is, does it originate from inside (from an adjacent room or from the flooring below, for instance) or comes from exterior (traffic sounds);

The surface transmitting the sound (for instance is it your flooring or wall, ceiling, etc.);

The determination of the acceptable noise level (while using the regulation previously mentioned).

There are times when the issue that you’re dealing with is easily solve in the event that the noise level isn’t too loud and quickly address by placing a more thick wool rug (since wool is a great insulation) on the floor, or hanging heavy curtains made of fabric on your doors and windows.

The most common method is to use some type of barriers that separate the source of sound and the surrounding space, such as walls with foam glued on the walls of the inside that can effectively absorb the sound,and echoes.


It is possible to use both kinds of Mineral Wool to achieve excellent levels of thermal insulation. Rockwool flexi slab prevents a building from losing heat or getting it through its roof and walls. The less energy required to cool or heat the building, meaning the energy bill is lower.

Compressive Strength

Due to the method in which it’s constructed, Rockwool flexi has smaller fibre strands of fibre when in comparison the Glass Mineral Wool.

These strands are shorter and offer Rock Mineral Wool superior compressive strength. This is why the products that are flat for roofing applications that are use for the installation or during maintenance are of Rock Mineral Wool.

Fire Safety

Mineral Wool is superior over other insulation materials in the area of fire security. Rock and Glass Mineral Wool are the most effective Reaction of Euroclass to Fire Classification of A1 (non-combustible) or A2 (limited the degree of combustibility).

The issue of fire resistance is an additional aspect of fire security. Fire Resistance is a measure of the length of time a specific building component, like the ceiling or wall, is able to withstand the flow through the fire’s place to the next. 

For instance, a fire that is spark that lasts for two hours of Fire Resistance will keep its strength for at least two hours. Rock Mineral Wool has a melting temperature of more than 1,000oC. 

It also reduces heating transfer. This is why it is best for applications where long durations of Fire Resistance are need.

Noise Insulation

In contrast to other types of insulation, like stiff foam board, rock or Glass mineral wool insulation is extremely effective in blocking unwanted noise. It is due to an open fibre matrix which is able to absorb the sound waves.

The insulation of Rock Mineral Wool that has excellent acoustic qualities is suitable for ceilings, walls or floors to create soundproofing and more peaceful buildings.

Installation Is Simple

This Rockwool flexi insulation are strong solid slabs that are simple to set up. The slabs are in standard centres however; they are in any size using the use of a large blade cutting or saw.

Since the slabs don’t have brittleness they are able to adapt to imperfections in the substrate. They can also be tightly knit together creating fewer gaps to maximise safety in fire, thermal and the acoustic quality.

Quality Of The Indoor Air

Insufficient indoor air quality could influence the health of installers as well as those who live in buildings. One way to ensure higher the quality of indoor air is to stay clear of products that release large amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde.

Reduce Your Heating Expenses And Save Costs

One of the most effective choices you can make is gaining more value from your spending. One of the biggest expenses any Irish family has to pay is heating expenses for their home.

With the ever-rising cost of energy, oil and gas prices it is sensible to take advantage of the heat that you pay for and store the heat in your home for a longer period of time. 

Insulating Your Attic

The temperature rises and in the case of your home, this means that the warmth the heating system generates goes straight to your attic , and then escapes via the roofing.

The heat is capture by insulating the roof, thus keeping it from being los. The process of insulation for the attic involves rolling out or pumping about 300 millimetres into attic space and then installing lagging on pipelines and tanks.

Other methods are also available to enhance the thermal performance. With these easy changes you will see huge gains.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity walls are a wall that is locate between the exterior and internal walls/facades of your house. Most often, it is construct of blocks or bricks and the space between the two walls is call the cavity. The cavity space aids in shield the home from the elements of cold and damp as well as preventing the spread of mould and rot from the inside of the home.

Insulate the cavity space to help lower heating costs for the home by reducing the loss of heat in the walls. In most cases, the insulation will be blow or pump into the wall using tiny holes that are drill into the exterior wall.

acoustic insulation

Acoustic Soundproof Rooms

If you have young children and work from home, you’ll recognize the importance of having an acoustic, sound-proof space to work from. It’s difficult to concentrate on work and even make phone calls and sound professional with children are causing noise in the home.

The best solution is to soundproof an area or room within an area that you work in. It is do with the proper materials like high-density acoustic insulation, slabs and vents. Only the most experienced insulation specialists are able to provide this service, so ensure you request information on similar projects carried out by the provider.

When you’ve properly insulated your home, you’ll be able to improve your comfort as well as reduce your heating bills. It’s not necessary to tackle everything in one go, but any modifications will allow you to get more value for the energy you’re paying to create.

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