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Complete Installation Of Rockspace  Extender For Good WiFi

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The new extender is giving bad wifi results? Though this frustrates everyone a lot. No worries! Yes as you are a few minutes away from extending your Wi-Fi signals to every room of your house or workplace using the Rockspace extender.

Web Browser Configuration  

There is one more way to get the fastest internet speed and you can do that through the Rockspace extender setup. Wait for the LED once you plug the device into the socket in the same room as your router, which must also need to be solid blue. Connect with the extender’s Wi-Fi through your mobile. However, turn off your Mobile Data and open a browsing crawler and write  for the same purpose. The WiFi networks are mandatory to be chosen at the same time.  

Change The Location Of The extender And Try Accessing The WiFi

Just plug the extender into the outlet halfway between the existing router and the Wi-Fi dead zone to get a good performance. But, make sure to be certain about the place you fix for the current WiFi network. Wait to become the Signal LED is completely blue. Therefore just connect the Wi-Fi devices with it. The extender and the existing router mostly share the same SSID Rockspace_EXT.

Configuration With The WPS Button

For Rockspace Extender Setup, you have to use the Wi-Fi-protected setup (WPS) button, by doing this you can expand the WiFi networks.  

In the second step press and hold the WPS button on your router for roughly 2 minutes before pressing the WPS button on the Wi-Fi extender. Wait for the LED signal light to become solid blue. 

Setup With Another Process

If you can’t locate the button, it’s because your existing router lacks it, so you will need to use the second method that will be discussed later in the post to extend your Wi-Fi network). In the beginning like the others just power up the extender to a power source near the router in the same room. But for a strong connection make sure the power LED should lit Solid blue. Check that the device’s antenna points up and vertically to the ground.

Finally, swap the extender and shift it to another location. Plug the extender into an outlet midway between the router and the Wi-Fi dead zone for optimal performance. You need to be certain about the place while choosing the WiFi Network. 

However, you need to wait till the LED becomes solid blue. Then, connect your Wi-Fi devices to it. The SSID of your extender is the same as the SSID of your router but with the suffix Rockspace_EXT/5GEXT.  

Guide For Troubleshooting Issues

Reset Process Of Wi-Fi Extender

To begin the process, turn on the gadget. This simple procedure only needs one sharp pointed pin like a pen or a paper clip. Just hold it on the button for 2-3 seconds tightly, till The PWR LED becomes solid again. When it is solid on, your Wi-Fi extender means it has been reset successfully. See the points are helpful in troubleshooting the errors as well. 

Why Can’t I Access The Wi-Fi Extender’s Web Interface?

If you’re using a Wi-Fi device, check to make sure you’re linked to the extender’s Wi-Fi network Rockspace EXT and that the Mobile Data feature is turned off.

If you use a computer, ensure that you are connected to the extender’s Wi-Fi network of re.rockspace.local and that your computer is configured to automatically get an IP address and DNS server address.  

What If The Router’s Network Is Unable To Connect The Extender?

When the router encrypts using WPA or WEP, there is an urgent need to change the encryption to WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK, after this try to scan the networks again. But the location of the WiFi device matters a lot. 

What If There Are No Signals

The signal strength of the mobile device will get affected by the location of the device. So double-check to be sure. Verify with the router’s encryption whether it is WEP or not. 

So that’s how you get the troubleshooting tips running your extender. In case you find any issue after or between the Setup procedure. Then, you need to reboot the device and begin the procedure again. Generally, there could be a lot of difficulties like the device not working, including a sluggish network and re.rockspace.local not working. https://www.cofimagazine.com/

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