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Nowadays latest technologies have taken the place of daily physical chores. Whether talking about basic household chores or about taking classes on the black/whiteboard, everything has been replaced by some technology. Physical classrooms have become virtual ones.

Flipgrid is one such App that provides the opportunity to create a virtual classroom. Virtual classroom: a class that runs online by sitting in your comfort zone. Now let’s know more about flipgrid, what is flipgrid?

About Flipgrid

Flipgrid was developed by the University of Minnesota as a start-up product and later on in 2018, Microsoft acquired the software. As with Microsoft’s trust, the app got instant fame in terms of virtual classes.

Here are some of the properties that make the app so popular:

  • Online learning: Flipgrid is an online learning platform. These days e-learning has become more necessary than even physical classrooms are converting into virtual classrooms day by day.
  • Enhancing social relationships: Unlike physical classrooms where you are only limited to your classmates for discussions, here you can enhance your social relationships with teachers and students from all over the world.
  • Interactions: This platform allows us to create our own grid for the classroom and show our work. Users can interact by sending reviews in the form of emojis, texts, audio/videos, and other media.
  • Short videos: Flipgrid allows us to create approx 30 secs to 10 minutes videos. 
  • One such an also raises: what is flipgrid used for? Various corporate sectors also use this app to create meetings for teachers to take classes, students for discussion, etc.

Working of Flipgrid

Flipgrid is an application and obviously will require login first before proceeding to let only authenticated users enter to avoid fraud. Whether you are an attendee (like students) or an attendee(like teachers), both require you to go through a simple sign-up process.

How flipgrid works for students:

After knowing what is flipgrid, let’s move  forward towards the facilities it provides to the students:

  • Students can enter into a grid class through a unique grid code of that particular class. Some classes are open that don’t require such codes to enter.
  • Students can create a short video of 30 secs to 10 mins by selecting a topic and starting recording.
  • There is no limitation on number of retakes. The Students can upload the video when they feel more confident about it.
  • Before uploading, style it and make sure to add informative content regarding the video

For teachers:

  • After logging in, teachers will get only one grid to work on. To have more grids and grids like a classroom, you have to make an in-app purchase.
  • Teachers can create a new grid from my grids section of the app.
  • After creating the grid, you can start a new topic for a  discussion. You can make changes anytime through the Action button on the page.
  • When you know what flipgrid is used for, you as a teacher will definitely know in what manners you want students’ interaction on the video.
  • Choose an interesting title and date/time of video recording for your own record, video response time, etc. and yes now you are ready to share the content with the students.


Flipgrid creates a virtual classroom that allows users to interact with people around the world. Discuss different topics and share your reviews through text, emojis, etc. which make it even more interesting.

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