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you buy boxes or cartons for shipping

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If you buy boxes or cartons for shipping, you should test the compressive strength of them. Most manufacturers make their boxes and cartons stronger than necessary. This could mean that your boxes will be damaged in transit or that your goods will get crushed during handling. If you don’t want to risk this, you can test the compressive strength of boxes and cartons you buy.

This is easy. You will just have to use a box compression tester. These devices are used for testing the strength of corrugated boxes. They help you to determine the required weight per linear inch of kraft boxes so that they can be shipped safely. If you are buying Box Compression Tester cartons, you should know the thickness of the side walls and the corrugation angle. The test should be done by the manufacturer.

A box compression tester will let you test boxes without risking damage to them. The result is provided in pounds of force per linear inch. The higher the reading, the stronger the box. If you have a box that has been damaged, the results may not be accurate. You can use a box tester to test all types of cartons. It can be used to measure the box length, box width, wall thickness and the corrugation height.

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