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Beautiful handmade jewelry

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Jewelry that is made by hand rather than by machine is referred to as “handmade jewelry.” The most established extremely unique and use just events like ‘Eid or wedding.

Bridal Mehndi ornaments are usually more luxurious and elaborate than the standard floral jewels.

Floral jewelry is a popular choice for the traditional  UK wedding ceremony known as mehndi. Jewelry made from flowers, leaves, and petals usually includes bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

As a feature of the mehndi service, gems are often combined with henna tattoos on all fours. Floral jewelry can only be worn for one day and is usually made from fresh flowers.


Bracelets and bangles are a kind of precious jewels that are worn on the arms. In UK, bracelets, flexible bracelets and bangles are available to buy online. Money is available all over world. Bracelets and bangles come in a wide variety for women. Depending on the dress, gold plated bangles are usually worn at wedding events.

Different plans available for bracelets including casual wear, bridal wear and party wear. A pendant bracelet is one of the most common types of bracelets worn by girls. Bangles are usually favored by college and school age women. Indian bangles and carats worn by ladies at weddings. On J.S. you can track down any bracelet or bangle without much of a stretch. JewelleryStore.pk, depends on your temperament and style.


One piece of jewelry can change the whole look of your ears. A type of gemstone that is attached to the ear by a piercing called a hoop.

In UK it usually ends in ladies. Metal, stones, wood and texture normal materials for hoops. Its size ranges from Chand Bali to small studs.

Earrings will give your whole outfit a twist. Whether you are planning a casual party or a wedding, J.S. The earring collection has something for everyone. J. S. JewelleryStore.pk makes it easy to see like any kind of hoop.

At J.S. The collection includes puzets, hoop earrings (also known as Chand Bali), stone earrings, colorful earrings and tassel earrings (thread or metal).

Antique vintage fashion earrings are oxidized jewelry that can be purchased online in our store at the lowest price and the lightest.

Meenakari’s handcrafted jewelery is well known and adds glitz and glamor to weddings and other special occasions for brides.


Cash on delivery layered chokers and necklaces can be purchased online and shipped to any location in UK. A piece of jewelry that women wear around their necks is called a necklace.

Kundan and different colored stones, stones and gems are used to decorate the necklace which can be made of gold, silver or platinum. Necklaces will accentuate your look and add class.


Nose rings, also referred to as naths, are usually considered to be the oldest form of traditional jewelry due to their ability to transform the overall look. There are many different styles of these. Both piercing and non-piercing nose rings are available.

Young ladies who need to wear nose rings are currently wearing J.S. planning non-penetrating nose rings, as a nose piercing is not yet in construction.

Jewelry stores have a large selection of nose rings and studs for women that are easy to find. In addition, J.S. sells nose rings for comfortable wear and weddings.


The ring is a round band made of a precious metal. That made good use of enhancing hand-crafted gemstones. JS top collection of designer rings from around the world.

Necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and other types of jewelry that date back to the Indus Valley Civilization in the third millennium BC.

You can buy rings for ladies online at JewelryStore.pk. In addition, small bead factories from past times have been discovered in the subcontinent.

Accessories and clutches for men:

Today, both men and women usually carry wallets and clutches. Due to their exceptional design and adaptability for both formal and informal occasions, these bags are among the most sought after.

There are different groups and categories of bags, including different types of small strapless bags.

Whether they have handles or not, these bags do. Men’s penchant for praise could jump on a moving wave. Men typically purchase jewelry in response to two primary factors: value and price.

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