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Carrier Management System With HorizonGo

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Utilize TMS To Carry Out Seamless Carrier Management

Robotics and automation are essential pieces of manufacturing technology if a company wants to save expenses and the number of human warehousing jobs. However, logistics teams are still hampered by antiquated and ineffective procedures when it comes to managing a manufacturer’s carrier network.

For instance, some teams continue to compare carriers for new shipments and retain records in PDFs and spreadsheets. The logistics teams must invest time and energy into these fragmented systems, and they run the risk of losing money and their capacity to scale due to faulty carrier analysis.

An automated transportation management system offers a scalable solution for handling carrier data and analyzing carrier tradeoffs for manufacturers wishing to lessen the workload on logistics staff. The time, money, and client connections of a manufacturer are all preserved when shippers use TMS to streamline workflows across warehouse locations, shipment types, and transportation methods.

Control A Larger Network Of Insurance Providers

A TMS offers manufacturers access to a vast network of carriers who adhere to high performance and safety criteria. The higher compliance demands of a wider carrier network would often fall on in-house logistics staff, but a TMS’s scalable capabilities effectively handle that burden. To make sure that all carrier management system has the most recent liability protection, TMS carrier management records and tracks information about carrier insurance.

Carriers have found it challenging to find employees to drive trucks and other types of transportation due to the ongoing labor shortage. Manufacturers won’t be concerned if one carrier is unable to convey a shipment due to a lack of workers, thanks to increased access to reputable carriers. To ensure that things arrive at their destinations, the TMS offers a variety of options.

Ensure Unified Processes Across All Locations

Carrier management varies depending on the location for manufacturers with warehouses dispersed across the nation. Unfortunately, this variation leads to biased selection and ineffective or corrupt carrier relationships. These dangers can be eliminated by a TMS used to control carrier data. Additionally, it offers a standard method for choosing carriers for each shipment and storing carrier records.

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TMS management enables total insight of previous and present carrier shipments and maintains the organization of all carrier data. To prevent information from slipping through the cracks, this revolutionary solution centralizes contract storage. Each warehouse is able to choose a carrier objectively thanks to access to safety ratings and data of damaged shipments. Manufacturers have more influence over the carrier management process, which enables them to make changes at the corporate level and see them implemented across the board.

Improve Carrier Choice

There are many factors to take into account when manufacturers choose carriers, including costs and delivery schedules. Manufacturers choose the optimal carrier option for each shipment by swiftly comparing a wide variety of carrier characteristics using a managed TMS.

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A TMS maintains data on the costs, tools, and anticipated delivery dates for each carrier. The best choice is then determined by comparing carriers, taking into account the shipment’s weight, size, delivery date, and any specialized equipment needed. For instance, TMS-assisted carrier management will take it into account when choosing a carrier if a tractor manufacturer wants a flatbed truck for shipping.

Point Up Options For Cost Reduction

Oversight leads to understanding. A TMS aids manufacturers in comprehending the transportation costs associated with each shipment. Additionally, it offers chances to cut shipping expenses while automating labor-intensive logistical tasks. Then, manufacturers can concentrate on strategic goals.

Carrier fees can be avoided with TMS Carrier Management. Some customers like big-box retailers only permit specific carriers to deliver to their sites. Manufacturers find it challenging to track which carriers each customer has approved, placing them at danger of consumer penalty fines. This is due to the disorganized spreadsheets that are littered with carrier and client information. Manufacturers can avoid paying consumer chargeback by keeping track of which carriers each customer accepts with the aid of a TMS.

Develop More Effective Customer Interactions

The production lifecycle includes the transfer of goods from warehouses to customers. However, carriers don’t just speak for themselves; they also speak for the companies that hire them. TMS Carrier Management helps businesses increase consumer confidence in their capacity to reliably deliver high-quality products on time by lowering the risk of damaged or delayed shipments.

For logistics teams, HorizonGo TMS transforms carrier management and gives them access to carriers that are specifically suited to their requirements. All of a manufacturer’s carrier contracts are kept in Honeybee TMS’s database for quick access and online freight quotes. Because it handles carrier selection, carrier contract negotiations, and supply chain management, this fully integrated logistics solution can help manufacturers save money.

Create scalable shipment operations across all warehouse sites and streamline carrier administration. Call us right away.

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