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How to Plan a Heavenly Honeymoon in Manali?

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Planning honeymoon is very exciting, as it marks the beginning of a new journey. And when it comes to choose a place than honeymoon in Manali is the best. Nestled amidst the snow capped mountains of Himachal Pradesh, Manali offers breathtaking views. Further its tranquil landscapes, and a plethora of activities make it the perfect honeymoon spot. In this blog post, well guide you on how to plan a Manali 2 days honeymoon package for couples. As Manali offers a dreamy honeymoon, so it tops the list for many couples. Here we include the best time to visit and the top things to do.

Best Time to Visit Manali for a Honeymoon

Further, choosing the right time to visit Manali is crucial for good honeymoon tour. Moreover, each season in Manali has its own charm, offering unique ambiances for couples. But, here are the best times to visit.

1: Summer (March to June)

Summer is the peak tourist season in Manali. During it, Manali has pleasant weather and temperatures ranging from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius.

It is the perfect time for outdoor games for example paragliding, river rafting, trekking. You can further explore the scenic beauty of the region. The lush greenery and blooming flowers add to the romantic ambiance of the place.

2: Monsoon (July to September)

If you love rain then monsoon season is for you. Further, visiting Manali during this time can be unique and romantic.

The mountains and valleys come alive with lush greenery, and waterfalls are in full flow. However, it needs to keep in mind that heavy rainfall can sometimes lead to landslides. So, its better to stay updated on the weather conditions and road accessibility.

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3: Winter (October to February)

Winter is a magical time to visit Manali. It is mainly for couples who want to enjoy snowfall and a cozy, romantic ambiance.

The temperature drops to sub zero levels, and the entire region gets covered in snow. Further, its the perfect time for snow sports for example skiing, snowboarding, and building snowmen. Be prepared for cold weather and pack warm clothing to enjoy the winters in Manali.

Best things to do in Manali during a honeymoon

Here are some top things, you can do in Manali during a Romantic Honeymoon. Further please take a note of them.

Manali offers a wide range of activities for honeymooners. These things further ensure you to have lively and romantic time with your partner. Moreover, here are the top things to do in Manali.

1: Explore the Solang Valley

Located 14kms from Manali, the Solang Valley is heaven for adventurers. Enjoy thrilling sports for example paragliding, zorbing, skiing, and cable car rides.

The stunning vistas of snow capped mountains and gushing rivers create a picturesque backdrop. Above all they provide a tour of happy moments with your loved one.

2: Visit Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is at an altitude of 3978m. Further, it is a must visit place in Manali. Marvel at the amazing views of the nearby peaks, glaciers, and valleys.

During the winter season, you can indulge in snow sports for example skiing and snowboarding. Note that Rohtang Pass is closed from November to May due to heavy snowfall. Therefore, plan your visit at correct time.

3: Take a Romantic Walk at Mall Road

Stroll here with your partner along Mall Road. It is further known as the heart of Manali.

The road is lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants, offering a joyful shopping and dining. Enjoy local dishes, buy souvenirs, and soak in vibrant climate of this famous tourist spot.

4: Explore Hadimba Devi Temple

After that, pay a visit to the Hadimba Devi Temple. This temple is of Goddess Hadimba, located amidst lush deodar forests.

The temples unique building style and quiet ambiance make it a serene spot for couples. Moreover a perfect place for those seeking blessings and divine solace.

5: Relax at Manali Hot Springs

Unwind and refill at the natural hot springs of Manali. These hot springs are near the Vashisht Temple in Manali.

The medical effects of the hot springs are known to heal various ailments. Further they provide a relaxing feel to couples during the trip. They can take a dip in the warm waters and let the stress melt away.

6: Enjoy River Rafting in Beas River

Enjoy river rafting adventure in the Beas River. Further, experience the thrill of rafting through the rapids while enjoying the scenic landscapes. Moreover, its an exciting sport that will create lasting memories for both of you.

7: Visit Naggar Castle

Take a trip to Naggar Castle, a historical marvel. Further located on the banks of the Beas River.

Explore the castles building and after that visit the art gallery. Above all, also enjoy stunning views of the nearby mountains. The calm and romantic ambiance of the castle makes it an ideal spot for couples.

8: Indulge in Local Cuisine

Manali is known for its tasty Himachali cuisine. Treat your taste buds to local dishes for example Dham, Siddu, and trout fish.

Further, explore local cafes and restaurants to have the flavors of the region. Above all, you can also indulge in candlelight dinners for a romantic dining experience.

9: Trek to Bhrigu Lake

A trek to Bhrigu Lake is must do activity for adventurers. Located at an altitude of 4300m, the lake further offers stunning views of Himalayan ranges. Moreover, the trek is moderately challenging and connects you with nature and create memories.

10: Enjoy Romantic Accommodation

Choose a romantic and cozy stay or hotel in Manali. A good hotel or stay further enhances your honeymoon in Manali trip.

Opt for a honeymoon suite or private cottage that offers private space and stunning views. Wake up to the misty mountains and enjoy a romantic breakfast in bed. After that, you can also opt for a candlelit dinner on your private balcony.


By choosing the best time to visit, top activities, and following the tips given. A honeymoon in Manali offers an ideal mix of romance, natural beauty and thrills. You can plan a nice honeymoon that will create happy moments forever.

Whether its the stunning views, thrilling activities, or the cozy moments spent with your partner. Further, Manali has all the things needed for an stunning and memorable honeymoon. Therefore, start planning your trip to Manali. Embark on a journey filled with love, romance, and the splendor of the mountains.

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