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How To Draw A Gemstone

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How To Draw A Gemstone. When making jewelry, you often want an impressive accessory or object that will act as the focal point. Diamonds are a famous example, but you’ll often find gemstones at the center of many jewelry pieces. Gemstones have a wide variety of types; some people associate certain gemstones with zodiac signs and other attributes. Learning to remove a gemstone is the most helpful way to imagine what your ideal gemstone will glimpse like!

If you want to do that, this tutorial will be for you. Our step-by-step manual on removing a gemstone will show you how in no moment, so we hope you enjoy what we have designed for you! You can draw many more characters like bird drawing easy, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

When refined and shaped, gemstones often have a very angular structure. This is the case we will draw in this guide on how to draw a gemstone. For this reason, you should use a ruler when drawing, as it will help you with the many straight edges of this gemstone. For now, we will draw the top half of the stone. This top half will have five edges, with the two being the most extended on the sides. The two sides above these edges will be smaller and end in a flat part at the top. Getting these edges angled right can be tricky, so take it easy and oversee our example.

Step 2:

The top half of this rock drawing held tricky elements, but this two-step guide should be more manageable. We will count two more bites to the gemstone for this manual step. This is yet another step where using a ruler would be beneficial! These two lines you choice draw now will be the lengthiest you have drawn, stretching from the last edges you removed. They will finish at a sharp point at the base of the gemstone, as indicated in the contact print.

Step 3:

You have finished the outline of your picture, so in this step of our How to Remove a Gemstone guide, we will be working on some of the inner borders. Gemstones usually have many flat and refined surfaces; now, we will begin to represent them. First, draw a slightly diagonal line coming down from each of the top side edges of the gemstone. Then draw two more lines from where the previous ones ended so that they meet at the lowest point of the gemstone. Once these new lines are drawn as they appear in our reference image, you can move on to step four of the guide.

Step 4:

Continuing this drawing of gemstones, we will add a few more edges to the stone. These borders will be front and center and some of the most complex borders we’ve ever drawn. This step is where you’ll want to monitor the reference image as you work closely! The borders in the front will have two triangular borders at the top, then a six-sided shape at the front. Two will be diagonal and form a sharp point at the top. Two shorter lines will descend from these directly downwards; then, two longer lines will eventually descend to meet at the lower tip of the gemstone. Once these shapes are drawn, you are ready for the final details!

Step 5:

Before adding some colors to this guide on drawing a gemstone, we must finish the last few details. The lines we will outline in this step will be horizontal and part through the middle of the jewel. Draw straight lines through the various vertical edges you have drawn, and try to use the reference image to guide you when drawing the angles at which they are. Once you’ve completed those final borders, you can finish off this image by adding a background or some additional details. How would you like to finish this beautiful gemstone image?

Step 6:

Other gemstones are understood by their distinctive colors, so the last step in this rock drawing is where you can indicate what type that rock is. In our reference image, we have chosen beautiful violets to show this gemstone.

Finished Drawing!

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