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Resident Evil 4 Remake: 8 Best Bosses In The Game

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Here are Resident Evil 4 Remake’s best bosses!

One cool thing about the first Resident Evil 4 was how big its story was compared to those of the games that came before it. This time, there were a lot more big fights and places to go. The version of RE4 has all the bosses from the original game, with the exception of one that stands out.

Every one of them is as good as or better than the one that came before it. Even when they use the same bosses again in the future, they do it in a new and effective way. There are both major bosses and smaller bosses in the RE4 remake. The second group will only be counted if killing them is necessary to move on.

El Gigante

El Gigante is a dangerous enemy who appears early in Resident Evil 4 game when the player is going back to the Church. To get around his moves, you have to act quickly.

You get some help, which is good, but only if you did something before. At the start of Chapter 3, you hear a dog crying outside the village chief’s house. If you save him, he’ll help you in this fight.

At first, many people didn’t think the dog would be in the remake, so it’s nice to have it by your side. In the first part, a dog is killed by a bear trap, which is the same place where the dog was in the first game.

When El Gigante is finally dead, it feels great because you couldn’t have killed him without the dog’s help.

Double El Gigante

How could one El Gigante be better? Two of them, and Chapter 11 is all about that. Like the last time you met El Gigante, Luis Sera is there to help you.

In the first game, he was already dead at this point, but keeping him around is a great change because he makes this fight much more fun.

Like the old game, you can drop a floor to send the creatures into the lava, but make sure they are close enough. Luis goes up high and puts some dynamite on the one who was wearing armour after he killed the one who was naked.

You’ll need this to attack the plaga and knock him down so he can fall into the fire. The fact that Luis is involved makes the whole thing even more fun.

Bitores Mendez

Bitores Mendez, the boss at the end of the village part, is one of the more reliable ones. Like the original game, you can fight him on two floors and in two different forms.

Fighting up high is probably the better choice because it is safer and you can easily spray into him. At some point, though, one of his strikes will force you to go down.

The second part of his life is a lot of fun and better than the first. Most of the time, he’ll be in the back throwing things, which you’ll have to dodge carefully while spraying from a distance.

When he gets close, you pull out your handgun and start shooting. The first third of Resident Evil 4 game comes to a good end.

Chainsaw Sisters

To get a crank before the Mendez boss, you have to fight the Chainsaw Sisters. This miniboss fight is the busiest one in the game.

You’ll probably blast them with power guns and throw a few grenades on your first run, but there’s a problem. The house will be flooded with enemies, putting you in a bit of a tight spot.

You need to get out of there as soon as possible and fight the baddies in a more open area. If you don’t figure this out soon enough, it’s possible that the Chainsaw Sisters will kill you with just one hit.

Make sure Ashley stays in a locker and keep moving because the enemies can quickly surround you. It’s a fun fight, and when it’s over, it feels great.


Ramon Salazar is the boss at the end of the castle part, and he looks nothing like he did in the first game. In the old version of RE4, he was pretty simple. His playing area was small, and he didn’t have many strikes or ways to hurt you.

He is the hardest and longest boss in the RE4 version. He has a lot of strikes that you’ll have to learn to avoid and then hit back with.

This fight is hard and takes a long time in tough mode. One great secret is that a golden egg will take away about 70% of the boss’s health.

One is easy to get from a side quest you can do early in the chapter. No matter how you kill him, it feels great when the job is done.


Verdugo, Salazar’s right hand, is a big boss about halfway through the castle section. His fight is very similar to the one in the original game, but it has been made better. The best way to do a lot of damage to Verdugo is to hit him with ice from these bright green-lit devices on the wall.

You have to do it at the right time so that Verdugo goes into the ice and you don’t get sprayed as well. It gives the boss more depth than the first one did. In the old game, all you have to do to spray Verdugo is knock over a small bottle.

It’s rewarding to kill him, but if you run out of bullets, you can get away in the lift. It’s nice to have this choice.

Jack Krauser

In the RE4 version, Jack Krauser has two great boss fights. The first is a knife fight at the end of Chapter 11. On your first run, you’ll probably use the knife a lot for the first time as a main tool.

You’ll learn a lot about how to use it in that first fight, but your skills will really be put to the test in the second fight near the end of Tunnel Rush game. You’ll have to go through several obstacle courses and fight Krauser three times. He’s harder than he was in the first game.

In the old version of RE4, you could use your knife over and over again to kill him quickly. It was almost pointless to shoot him, but in the new version, both ways work just as well. This is a big step forward for this boss fight.


Osmund Saddler is the final boss of Resident Evil 4, and he’s a good choice since he looks like a huge spider. To attack his core head, you have to shoot the weak spots on his legs. At first, you only have to shoot two legs, but in the next part, you’ll have to shoot all four.

Later, a lot of Novistadors show up to help Saddler, which makes things even more exciting and can make things a bit crazy. The whole game has been building up to this, and in the style of survival horror, you must still have enough weapons and health items to get through this.

This is a great way to end the game, and his short second part is also a lot of fun.

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