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Why medical translation is evident for clinical and translational research?

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Medical translation is challenging due to the fact that it asks for precise content and an up to date knowledge from the translators and everyone on board. The content also needs to undergo certain quality control and an understanding of the medical laws, regulatory issues, and the laws of the US and other countries. There is long and lengthy research that is often involved in the medical text. Medical research translation is a process that involves the translation of ideas from clinics, labs, and a lot more. This also deals with ensuring that all the medical discoveries and inventions become associated with the clinical practice specialists and the hospitals. 

Translation research in the medical field deals with the discoveries that happen in the laboratory, clinic, and field. This is research that enables transformation to medical care improving medical care and health. 

Clinical research 

This research includes human subjects and has to deal with patient-based research. There are usually human subjects that come under detailed research in this research. These may include the belongings of the human origin and the material including specimens, tissues, and other important belongings which come under direct contact. The researchers and investigators interact with the human subjects in their own way. This further comprises careful and vigilant testing of the regulated research and hypotheses.

All this information is required by researchers from different fields and origins. These many times speak different languages and the research is conducted in one main language. Therefore in order to bring everyone on the same page, medical research translation services get evident.

Translational research 

This mode of research deals with the translation of the research. It further paves the way for communication between different communities research areas and resources. The translation of all this research and content allows people from different backgrounds to connect them with the findings relevant to their field. Long gone are the days when language barriers restricted people to flourish and progress in their careers. However, when it comes to the research translation it has other barriers to break too. These are about terminology, application, and relevant knowledge. This is a new discipline that works on the methods starting from the discovery to the application seamlessly. 

Both research domains share a number of similarities. This is why, universities in different countries offer combined programs for translators and students. These also offer certificates. 

Why research and its translation is significant in the medical backdrop?

Research and its translation is imperative to make scientists and physicians deduce new techniques and methods that involve diagnosis, prevention, and relevant treatment. Scientific research and translation in life science and research text are now vital to explore the more powerful techniques to make a good market in healthcare. The translation is significant to improve patient care which comes from an industry that is demanding high-quality medicine and healthcare. The USA alone is a diverse country with more than 300 languages spoken, which calls for a need for medical translators and interpreters to facilitate the patients in hospitals and healthcare centers. No one can deny the fact that how that upgraded knowledge and research skills and improvement of knowledge have a direct impact on effective patient care.

Therefore, the development of clinical and basic research asks for upgraded healthcare knowledge and its translation.

Translation research works as a facilitator in all medical fields and branches. Thus, opting for translation in the medical field also gets important with translation research to break the communication and comprehension barriers. 

Basic challenges of the seamless translation process in medicine and research 

Medical translation has zero room for errors, mistakes, and inconsistencies. It asks for the hundred percent accuracy and precision. This is applicable to all medical texts and fields. Medical devices can also not achieve maximum sales without high-quality medical device translation. In order to achieve optimum accuracy in translation of the medical text and research translators and researchers have to navigate through many challenges.

Three of these are:

  • Translation of scientific inventions into new clinical studies is very challenging. This involves understanding the basic medical terminologies and their translation among the right placement of the phrases in the medical text.
  • Translation of clinical studies is the second hurdle. This often requires translation into the medical language and according to the healthcare policy. Many times the medical translators have limited knowledge of the healthcare policy and they have to go through the relevant facts first.
  • The third challenge of translation medicine is rather philosophical. This is about the fact that the common therapies that are popular for treating common diseases are not as effective as people believe to be. The public often believes in these standard practices and also has a strong belief in their effectiveness. However, the reality is otherwise and the physicians and healthcare staff have to struggle to deal with it. Likewise, this situation also gets challenging for the medical translators while performing medical device documentation translation and the medical text overall. 


Clinical and translation research are two different domains of the medical sciences. Translation research is a relatively new discipline and works as a facilitator between the researchers and scholars to connect them to the finding best suiting to their field and domain. Both types share similarities and are also different to a certain extent. Moreover, these fields are quite challenging to translate.

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