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Welcome to Balchik Cruise Ship Port Services

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If you’re planning a trip to Bulgaria, make sure to add Balchik to your list of must-see destinations. Balchik is a beautiful seaside town located on the Black Sea coast, featuring stunning beaches, historical sites, and a vibrant local culture. If you’re traveling by boat, the Balchik Cruise Ship Port Services (BCSPS) is your gateway to this unique Bulgarian gem.


Navigating to Balchik is easy, and the breakwater can be seen from a distance. If you’re coming from North Romania, the Bulgarian border control authority will contact you on VHF channel 16 when rounding Nos Kaliakra to request information about your boat and crew. They will also notify the border authorities in Balchik by telephone. However, if you’re coming from the south, be cautious of a permanent long fishing net set up to the west of the harbor entrance with no lights.


The Balchik port operates as a marina with floating docks that can accommodate yachts up to 12m in length. Although longer yachts can use them in fair weather, it’s best to find a berth alongside if available during strong northerly winds. The depths of the marina are at least 2.5m. The BCSPS provides good all-round shelter and has shower and WC facilities.

Marinas and Yacht Clubs

The BCSPS is the perfect spot for marinas and yacht clubs. The pontoons are suitable for yachts up to 12m in length and can accommodate a variety of watercraft. Along with the marina, the BCSPS also has a yacht club that offers a variety of services for watercraft enthusiasts.


Balchik is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Bulgaria. Whether you’re a land or sea traveler, the BCSPS is here to make your journey as smooth as possible. With its excellent facilities and helpful staff, the BCSPS is the perfect choice for anyone traveling by boat. Book your berth today, and let the BCSPS take care of the rest.

Visit BCSPS to learn more about the Balchik Cruise Ship Port Services.

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