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Become a Power BI Expert: How to Earn Your Certification

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According to TrustRadius, Power BI occupies a 36% share of the business intelligence software market in 2021. This statistic alone is enough to show the hold Power BI has in the business intelligence market.

With this prevalence, a Power BI certification can help take your career to new heights.  The number of Power BI advantages for your career is unlimited. Businesses today are highly reliant on Power BI and require professionals who can help them harness its capabilities. 

If you are looking to get a Power BI certification, you are in the right place. In this blog, we have discussed all the details of the certification and how you can get one. 

What is Microsoft Power BI certification?

Microsoft certifications are highly recognized across the world. Having a Microsoft certification can give a boost to your career and open new doors for you. Power BI certification is a professional-level certification that validates your abilities in Power BI desktop layouts, reports, and many other features. 

Apart from this having the certification also proves your skills in designing and developing scalable data models and transforming data using Power BI. Another one of the major advantages of Power BI certification is that there are no requirements or prerequisites for enrolling in them. Therefore, they are suitable for beginners as well as professionals. 

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Who can get Power BI certification?

Since there are no prerequisites, the Power BI certification is suitable for people with a basic understanding of Power BI fundamentals. Data professionals and business intelligence professionals can also get this certification. IT professionals whose work requires them to create data visualization reports regularly will also benefit from this certification. 

For people who are just starting in the field, it is recommended to get some basic understanding of the software before enrolling in the course.

How to earn your Power BI certification?

You can get a Power BI certification by clearing the PL-300 exam. Passing the PL-300 exam will get you the Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate. The exam measures skills like preparing the data, modeling the data, visualizing and analyzing the data, and deploying and maintaining assets. 

The certification will validate your expertise in creating easy-to-comprehend data visualizations, transforming data, creating data models, and sharing assets. Microsoft recommends that candidates for this certification get some knowledge of Power BI data analysis projects or you can also join a good Power BI Certification Training.

Preparing for Microsoft Power BI certification

If you are preparing for the PL-300 exam, here are the things you should know. 

  • The PL-300 exam is available in many languages.
  • The cost of the exam is $165. 
  • It comprises 40-60 multiple-choice questions. 
  • Get some experience with Power BI data analysis and visualization.
  • Carefully go through the Microsoft learning path.
  • Take the training available at Microsoft Learn.
  • Consider taking a training course. There are many online courses available that can help you master Power BI skills and prepare for the exam. 

Advantages of getting Power BI certification

There are many advantages to getting a widely-recognized Power BI certification. From helping you improve your career prospects to, there are endless benefits. Let us discuss some of them.

  • One of the major advantages is that you will become an expert in transforming data. You will have the skills to get data from different sources and clean it without any mistakes.
  •  You will also learn how to create data models and data visualization. You will be able to optimize existing models and manage and deploy custom reporting solutions, among other things. 
  • Power BI certification will also help you develop the skills to configure dashboard reports and security. You will be able to easily embed your reports and even publish them. 
  • This certification will also enable you to bring true value to the organization. You can help improve the operations of your company, along with tackling issues. 
  • Many IT hiring managers look for candidates with certification during the hiring process. Having a certification from Microsoft will give you an edge over other employees.
  • This certification may also help you in negotiating for a better salary or pay rise. As the certification proves your abilities, employers may be more inclined to give you a better offer. 
  • As the business intelligence market grows, so will the demand for business intelligence professionals. With this certification, your skills will continue to be in huge demand. 
  • The Power BI certification does not have a retirement date. Therefore, you will have permanent proof of your skills. 

Jobs after a Power BI certification 

With the Power BI certification, you can apply for the following roles:

  • Power BI Developer
  • Power BI Specialist
  • Business Analyst 

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Power BI certification can help you grow, develop your skills, and boost your career prospects. You can ace the exam in the first go by enrolling in a good online training course that will help you develop the necessary skills and knowledge.

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