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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Potain MCT 85 F5 Crane: High-Performance Equipment for Heavy Lifting

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Heavy-duty equipment has significantly accelerated infrastructure development in India. For instance, excavators aid in tasks like quarrying out the mineral or digging for building foundations. Similarly, backhoe loaders are equipment that can facilitate a wide range of functions, be it lifting, loading, or excavation.

With several brands manufacturing heavy-duty equipment, Potain & Volvo lead the industry. Rightly so, these brands have been known for manufacturing machines equipping highly-advanced features. For instance, their compactors and cranes are among the best-selling heavy-duty product categories.

Best-Selling Cranes & Compactors in India 2023

Volvo SD110C Compactor

This is one of the best-selling heavy-duty models from Volvo, equipping 196 litres of fuel tank capacity. Additionally, with 2134 mm of drum width, this compactor facilitates the reduction of materials. Moreover, the machine has a high-performing engine, generating up to 99 HP. This particular feature ensures high work output.

Moreover, the operating weight of the model is 11100 kg, further ensuring massive work productivity. Additionally, the compactor’s steering type is hydrostatic. Furthermore, Volvo SD110C’s fuel tank capacity is up to 196 litres.

Potain MCT 85 F5 Crane

This crane model from Potain soon after its launch became popular in India. Rightly so, the model comes with highly advanced features that ensure high work output and efficiency. To illustrate, the model can lift up to 5 tonnes of load at construction, mining, or any other onsite industrial applications.

Moreover, this crane can reach up to a height of 208 metres. Now, such a massive height reach significantly facilitates the lifting & moving of heavy loads at a higher altitude. In fact, this particular feature specifically enables the transportation of heavy materials at remote locations. Above all, the price range of this model starts from Rs. 53 Lakhs. Further, it goes up to 55 Lakhs in India.

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