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San Diego ADU Rules – All You Need to Know

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Building an ADU might create a lot of legal hassles if you do not abide by the ADU ordinance that applies to your locality. ADUs are a great addition to your home. But, you need to hire a professional ADU contractor to build an ADU unit on your property.

If you want to know about San Diego ADU rules, then you should contact ADU Contractors in San Diego. Now, let us know about the San Diego ADU rules from our expert home remodelers.

Rules for building an ADU unit on your property:

  • If your house fits the San Diego ADU ordinance, then you are eligible to build an ADU on your property. This ordinance is a set of regulations by the San Diego County Department of Regional Planning that allows you to build an ADU on your property.
  • According to the state law, ADUs are allowed for the zone codes: R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-A, A-1, and A-2. This is also applicable to a zone where the law allows a single-family residence on a particular property.
  • ADUs are allowed on residential property where a single-family residence is there. The minimum size for an ADU unit is 150 square feet and the maximum size allowed for an ADU is 1,200 square feet. Basically, an attached ADU should not exceed the half measurement of the main residential unit. However, this is not applicable for detached ones. You can build a detached ADU with a maximum measurement of 1,200 square feet as per the rules.
  • You can build only a single ADU unit for a residential property.
  • You should build an ADU that is 200 feet away from publicly dedicated open space to avoid fire hazards. In a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone, there should be two forms of paved highway access that measure a minimum of 24 feet in width.
  • ADU should not violate the neighborhood rules.
  • A house owner does not need to stay on the property to build an ADU on it. However, there should be a main residential unit, which will qualify for building an ADU on that property.
  • You can rent your ADU to tenants if you want. This will work as an additional income for you. You can also give your main residential unit for rent, which will help you to pay the construction costs or loans if you have taken any for building your house.

Parking Rules:

• The property should not be situated in a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone.

• There should be a provision for car share on the same block.

• Your locality comes under the category of architecturally and historically significant area.

• If you want to put a parking lot in your ADU then you can include two covered parking spaces that measure 8 ½ ft. x 18 ft. You should not use the corner or side yards for parking your vehicles.

ADU Height Requirements

The approved height for an ADU unit is less than 16 feet tall. You can easily get building permits if your ADU unit has a height below 16 feet and an area below 750 square feet. If you are planning an ADU unit in the existing dwelling unit, the ADU can be built at the maximum height of the existing structure.

Environmental Regulations

There should be zoning restrictions regarding environmental protection and sustainability of the ADU unit. If you live in an area where you face natural calamities like earthquakes or hurricanes, then you will need to use sturdy material for building your ADU unit.

You need to install solar panels, insulation and other components to make your house energy-efficient. It will minimize the usage of electricity and hence will help in contributing to the environment.  

Obtain Permits

You have to obtain permits from HOA (if it applies to your locality), County, and Public Works Department. You need to obtain the permits earlier so that it does not take too much time and delay the construction process.


ADU unit is a useful addition to your home whether it is attached or detached to your main residence. However, you have to abide by the rules and regulations that apply to your area.

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