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The Best Motion Sensor Flood Lights for Large Outdoor Spaces: Keep Your Property Safe!

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Standing in today’s technically-sound era, many house owners are still looking for continuous lighting solutions to consolidate the safety of their properties. On this note, very few are aware of the efficiency of motion sensor flood lights in illuminating outdoor spaces. 

Outdoor lighting, enabled with the technology to detect movements, can help catch trespassers after dark. Thus, besides alarming you with unauthorised intervention, these products act as a cost-effective domestic defence mechanism. Continue reading to know their features and understand why they can be beneficial for you in the long run. 

Features to Look for in Modern Motion Detector Lights

If you have moved on to this section then surely you are thinking about buying dual-purpose lights that will be durable and pocket-friendly. 

Besides these aspects, you must consider the following points too before reaching a buying decision:


Flood lights that you consider installing must have the capacity to illuminate sheds, walkways, garages, etc. Contrarily, if your product is application-specific, the chances of having backup lighting for more danger-prone areas of your home will be thin.

2. Durability

Durable flood lights promise the desired longevity. Additionally, they can withstand tough weather conditions and are compatible across a broad temperature range. 

3. Easy-to-install

Bright lighting with highly adjustable designs and possessing illuminative powers of up to 1800 lumens can be an asset to you. You may use them in your dark backyard and control the light settings remotely from the comfort of your drawing space. Moreover, many of these lights are solar powered so you can install them yourself without hiring an electrician. 

4. Long Range Detection

Nowadays you can easily head online and buy outdoor motion sensor lights which can sense intruders almost 70 feet away. Also, they have a 180-degree motion detector range with an impressive weather resistance technology of IP65.  

If you can slightly let go of the budget side, it will be better to choose a system having two floodlights. These are capable of lighting more area at lower costs and also boast compact designs that add to your household aesthetics. 

Reasons Why Motion Detector Lights are Better than Normal Lights

These are a few reasons why you should go for the highest-quality motion sensor floodlights:

  • These items come with smart compatibilities
  • You get lots of customization options via dedicated mobile apps
  • Often the motion detection range is large enough to cover your plot area
  • There is no requirement for hand wiring thus saving electrician costs
  • SD cards can be used to store footage

Also, you can manually set up these sensor lights using the DIY manual provided in the box. As you get notifications every time the lights get triggered from motion, you do not have to worry about burglary anymore. However, before finalising a high-tech purchase like this or a ceiling fan with remote, it is recommended to do some personal research. These can simply save you from overpaying a particular vendor.

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