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Gelato Strain – A Balance of Sativa and Indica Effects

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Gelato Strain offers an optimal combination of Sativa and Indica effects. Also referred to as Larry Bird due to his jersey number 33 in NBA playback history, this strain bears his name. Gelato offers balanced effects to produce both an intoxicating high and mental clarity/relaxation, making it suitable for recreational and medicinal cannabis users alike.

Gelato Strain – The Unique Flavor

Gelato’s unique aroma can be attributed to its three key terpenes; beta-myrcene, limonene and alpha pinene terpenes provide its signature sweet fragrance, enhanced when burned combustibly. These three compounds combine for an exquisite floral fragrance with subtle notes of berry and cream which combine for one of today’s most desired cannabis varieties.

Gelato is a balanced hybrid strain with relaxing body high effects and stimulating mind effects, providing users with both relaxation and uplifted mental states. This strain has been widely known to improve mood, reduce stress levels and ease pain associated with muscle spasms, headaches and chronic conditions like arthritis insomnia and inflammation. Due to its euphoric qualities it’s often used socially as it encourages conversation and creativity – as well as being helpful for anxiety depression insomnia sufferers. Furthermore, indoor cultivation yields good yields with dark purple hues adorned by orange hairs and white resin producing lots of visual appeal!

The Effects of Gelato Strains

Gelato strain provides soothing effects perfect for daily use. Its unique terpene profile includes beta-caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene which all serve to relax body and mind – helping alleviate stress, anxiety and depression while slowing muscle spasms and providing relief from headaches fatigue and insomnia.

Gelato’s potency lies in its balanced combination of soothing and stimulating effects, making it a favorite choice among recreational and medical cannabis users alike. It relieves both physical and psychological discomfort while inducing feelings of euphoria, happiness, uplifted energy and focused motivation – ideal for social gatherings! However, lighter consumers should use caution since the effects may be too strong. Like most cannabis strains, Gelato may produce some minor side effects like dry mouth or eyes which generally dissipate over time with continued usage – best to take small doses until comfortable with what the effects may cause you.

The Medicinal Benefits of Gelato Strains

Gelato Strain is an indica dominant cultivar known for its balanced effects and mild high. Cannabis enthusiasts frequently enjoy this strain socially due to its fruity aroma and flavor which reminds them of a delicious dessert. Gelato 33 or Larry Bird is the result of Sherbinskis in San Francisco crossing Sunset Sherbet with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strains for cross breeding purposes, creating an indica hybrid that features citrus flavors and aromas from its parent strains, with rich purple hues when exposed to colder temperatures during flowering time.

Gelato is known for its medicinal properties, including relaxing muscles and providing relief for chronic aches and strains. The soothing numbing and calming properties of this strain may even relieve headaches and migraines, while its upbeat and euphoric cerebral effects provide stress relief while helping you focus. New users should use caution when taking this strain as high doses could lead to anxiety or paranoia.

The Genetics of Gelato Strain

Gelato is a fruity indica strain known for its creamy taste. Boasting intense aromas and potency levels that make it popular among recreational users and medical marijuana patients alike. Gelato, a cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, hails from San Francisco as a hybrid sativa/indica cultivar. At first only available through clones, Gelato eventually spread throughout dispensaries across the US.

Colorado Breeders Deport’s recognized Gelato’s popularity within the cannabis community and selected it as their 2018 Strain of the Year, after it became one of their top searched-for strains on their site in November alone. If you’re interested in cultivating Gelato, we suggest purchasing seeds from Colorado Breeder’s Seeds as they offer guaranteed germination as well as outstanding customer support via email or live chat. Furthermore, they have an impressive selection of cannabis strains and related products.

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