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How Pantone Has a Huge Impact on Indian Ethnic Clothing

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The year is almost 2023, and the fashion world is already thinking about what trends, styles, and colors will dominate in the months to come. And the Pantone Color of the Year 2023 is a must-have when it comes to projecting palettes! This year, Pantone has stepped into the developing digital world and celebrates the mystifying beauty of the multiverse. Very Peri, an innovative purple and indigo blend that set the trends for 2022, was Pantone’s previous color of the year. Pantone is known for its beauteous shades of colors. It has a huge impact on Indian ethnic wear that consist including Anarkali suits, dresses, and overall fashion trends. The Institute of Pantone plays a very influential role in influencing designers, color trends, consumers, and retailers worldwide. If we talk about India, where vibrant colors hold a very important part in Pantone’s prediction and color choices have become highly relevant in the realm of ethnic fashion.

Rich hues, elaborate decorations, and classic silhouettes define Indian ethnic wear. One such well-known outfit in Indian fashion is the Anarkali suit, so named after the renowned Mughal courtesan Anarkali. The tight bodice and flared skirt of these floor-length frock-style suits give them a regal and majestic appearance. The tints and colors utilized to create cotton Anarkali suits are greatly influenced by Pantone’s color selections, which align them more closely with current fashion trends.

Color Trends and Palette Selection

The global fashion and design trends are influenced by Pantone’s Color of the Year. To keep their designs current and appealing to a wider audience, Indian textile and fashion designers pay close attention to these trends and adapt to them. The color schemes used in fabric dyes, embroidery threads, and embellishments for ethnic clothing are influenced by the Color of the Year. For instance, Indian traditional clothing saw a rapid incorporation of Living Coral, the 2019 Color of the Year, with its presence being showcased in sarees, lehengas, and salwar suits. This revitalizing twist gave the conventional color scheme, which had been dominated by reds, blues, and gold, a refreshing update.

The Fusion of Traditional and Modern

Inspire by Pantone’s color palettes, designers are becoming more creative with bright and unusual color combinations to produce distinctive ensembles. Bright colors from Pantone’s palette, including neon, pastels, and metallic, find their way into classic clothes to provide a modern touch. This use of contemporary hues gives vintage clothing fresh life and appeals to a younger generation of fashion fans who want to honor their past while embracing a worldly look.

Enhanced Design Aesthetics

The Indian ethnic wear Aesthetic has been revolutionized by Pantone’s color expertise. By offering them a standardized and globally known color system. Indian ethnic wear’s design aesthetic has undergone a transformation because of Pantone’s color knowledge. Pantone helps designers, producers, and customers effectively communicate by offering a standardized and widely recognized color scheme. In order to ensure consistency and coherence in their works, designers can now correctly choose and match colors.

Indian ethnic wear is more visually appealing overall thanks to this attention to detail, which appeals to a larger range of people. Additionally, designers have been inspired to experiment with various color combinations thanks to Pantone’s color knowledge, resulting in eye-catching contrasts and mellow mixes. Due to this, unusual color combinations have begun to appear in traditional Indian clothing, opening up new design possibilities and spurring creativity.

Pantone’s major impact on color trends, the blending of traditional and modern aspects, and the improved design aesthetics are all visible in Indian ethnic wear. Traditional Indian clothing has evolved in a colorful and exciting way as a result of the partnership between Pantone and the Indian fashion industry. Pantone has revitalized the Indian fashion scene by introducing new color trends and expanding the range of available colors. This combination of colors and cultures has varied the palette of Indian ethnic wear, and it has also embraced the intricate craftsmanship and rich legacy that characterize this age-old custom.


Pantone, the renowned color authority, has made a significant impact on Indian ethnic clothing, particularly through brands. With its wide-ranging palette, Pantone provides a versatile platform for designers to create vibrant and captivating collections in women’s and girls wear. JOVI Fashion, leveraging Pantone’s color system, has transformed the landscape of Indian ethnic fashion by infusing fresh hues and innovative combinations into traditional and Western designs. These colors evoke emotions, reflect cultural symbolism, and capture the essence of Indian aesthetics. Pantone’s influence has bridged the gap between tradition and contemporary trends, offering a delightful fusion that appeals to a diverse clientele. As a result, Indian ethnic clothing has undergone a captivating transformation, thanks to Pantone’s remarkable color choices and JOVI Fashion’s creative prowess.

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