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Driving in the city. What should a driving instructor teach?

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Analyzing the statistics of traffic accidents for the first half of 2017, it should be noted that out of all 69.9 thousand accidents committed in the UK Federation, 53.9 thousand cases occur on city streets. Therefore, it is important to answer the question of what the Driving instructor automatic car should teach the student during practical driving around the city.

Learning Process

We will begin our discussion about the learning process in a driving school or with a private driving instructor with the fact that, with his inexperience, a student or a novice driver who has recently received a license should not be shy and complex about this. All motorists go through the difficulties of adapting to the road and traffic, and there is nothing special. And do not pay attention to some incorrect drivers who sometimes honk to newcomers who are driving slowly, or blink their headlights, showing their impatience during the execution of any maneuver. An experienced and self-respecting participant in the movement will never do this. He would rather silently let a novice driver through when he gets confused at an intersection than yell out the open window and twist his finger at his temple.

And now about our main topic. What should a car instructor teach his student.

Instructor Should do

Most importantly, in the process of learning, the student must see the road, with its road signs, pedestrians, overtaking and leading cars. At the same time, you should not be distracted by beautiful advertising, objects under construction, pretty girls, etc.

But, of course, this is not enough. The driver must analyze the traffic situation every second and be able to quickly make the right decision in case of changes. These are the basic requirements for the knowledge that a driving school and a driving instructor should give. But, a person cannot be forced to do right what he does not understand. Therefore, one of the important functions of a teacher is to ensure that the student not only knows the rules of the road, but also understands their requirements.


A few more words about such trifles:

— Do not smoke while driving. And if you cannot do without it, learn to shake the ashes into the ashtray without looking at it;

– if you do not have enough experience in driving a car, then even setting the wave on the radio can cause an accident. Do not be distracted along the way, even for minor reasons;

– Try to move along the road at the speed of the flow. This is much safer than driving slowly or trying to maneuver unnecessarily.

Learn to predict the situation

Most UK drivers cannot adequately assess the road situation during a trip. Their field of vision is focused on what lies ahead. Whereas it is necessary to see all the objects surrounding your car, and automatic driving lesson Coventry teach you all these skills not only just driving car. And those who are behind, and those who are on the side. Constantly monitor the situation in the rear-view mirrors. Even if you do not maneuver and drive in a straight line in your lane. The situation can change at any second and require you to make a lightning-fast decision.

Remember that the car has a dead zone on the left side. When you need to make a left maneuver, it is better to look around and look out the rear window. Always think about what will happen if the car in front starts to slow down or you are cut off by some reckless driver. Is it possible to safely rebuild, stop or avoid a collision by increasing speed? Do not change gears or brakes while turning. Do it ahead of time.

These simple “tricks” need to be taught to students of a driving school. What is successfully done by the automatic driving instructors in Birmingham?

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