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Sublimation printing – what is it?

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Along with the dynamic development of the printing industry, many new printing methods have been created, in particular using digital printers. One of them is based on sublimation. Some people ask themselves: What is sublimation printing? It is a simple and effective digital printing technique used to transfer graphics and images to various types of polymeric surfaces. It works very well for a variety of promotional materials such as fabrics, mugs and mouse pads. Its unique properties are due to the base chemical process.

Sublimation inks are actually dyes that only bind to polyester fibers. When pressing the pattern to the fabric in the thermopress, the dye is heated. As a result, it changes its state of aggregation from solid to gaseous. In addition, the polyester fibers open up and accept the dye. This, in turn, penetrates into them, instead of settling on the surface. When the high temperature ceases, the fibers are closed again, permanently accepting the sublimation dye. The effect – a vivid image pressed into the fabric, looking as if it was printed on it. Sublimation printing in Dallas on fabrics it is durable, does not fade and does not rub off during washing, because the dye penetrates deep into the structure of the fibers – it is thanks to this that you can enjoy the impeccable pattern and depth of color for a long time. In addition, the method of applying dyes inside the fabric fibers makes this method environmentally friendly, non-toxic and does not expose the skin to irritation.

The main advantages of sublimation printing

What are the most important advantages of sublimation printing? This technique has conquered the printing market. This is evidenced, among others, by constantly growing number of companies offering this type of service. Its first advantage is high quality and durability. This technique allows for expressive colors and sharp contours of the print, taking into account individual shades and tonal transitions. Prints made using the sublimation method are extremely durable. Over time, they do not fade, do not crumble and do not argue. The clothes on which they are placed can be ironed and dried without any worries. What’s more, sublimation printing on fabrics it is resistant to the negative effects of weather conditions, such as rainfall. As a result, the discussed technique is very often used to print items intended to be outdoors, i.e. on flags. Sublimation dyes are made on the basis of not a solvent, but water. As a result, they are completely safe for both people and the environment. Prints created using this method do not emit any odor and do not contribute to clogging the fibers of the fabric, thanks to which it is effectively air-permeable. Sublimation printing technologydoes not require expensive, specialized equipment. Printing individual items here is as profitable as large print runs. It should also be noted that the use of digital printers with this printing method also translates into quick application of the selected pattern, thanks to which the execution of the order does not take much time and allows for the quick production of more pieces, and even very large orders. It is not as slow as, for example, the screen printing method, which makes it much more popular. No need for specialized equipment and the speed of printing also translates into the price of the product, which is not excessive. It is also impossible not to mention that the sublimation method is used for various substrates – from fabrics, cups and tablecloths to pencil cases, backpacks,Sublimation printing on fabrics is an extremely popular solution. Another advantage is the photo quality of the print. Thanks to the sublimation method, you can get very detailed and small details, which creates many possibilities for choosing patterns for sublimation printing on fabricsand various textiles. This method enables making large-format prints with a high degree of detail, which makes it ideal for: advertising flags, club flags, country flags, golf flags and flags for sailors, garden umbrellas with a pattern, advertising tents of various shapes and sizes, fabrics for deckchairs with the company logo beach screens, roll-ups and advertising sandwiches, and even sportswear with the logo of the club or sponsor – including swimwear. This printing can also be done on flexible gadgets such as covers for headrests for drivers or cinema seats, protectors for side mirrors of vehicles, balaclavas, bandanas, multifunctional scarves for fans, covers for garden chairs, foldable hats, travel neck pillows, pillowcases for pillows or sack bags. You can also do otherssublimation prints on fabrics such as kidneys, zippered bottle covers or pillowcases. The customer has the option of designing a pattern for printing on his own – it is the design that is the first element that allows you to achieve the effect expected by the customer.

Sublimation printing – technical details

For sublimation printingselected models of inkjet printers are used. Importantly, they cannot reach high temperatures during the printing process. On store shelves you can find equipment that allows you to print images of various sizes, not only A4. The set with the printers also includes dedicated software equipped with a color correction function, which allows you to faithfully match the image on the screen to the real colors that can be obtained after printing on the fabric. Software of this type automatically reverses the image. This is due to the fact that the pattern must be its mirror image. This technique requires specialized inks and paper. Thermopresses are available in various sizes. The most important thing is that they should be equipped with the function of maintaining a constant temperature of 180-200 degrees Celsius.

What does such a print look like step by step?

– Prepare the image and print it on sublimation paper.

– Set the heat press temperature to 180-200 degrees and the time to 50-60 seconds. Spread the Teflon foil on the underside of the press.

– Lay the fabric on the heat press (it must not have folds or creases).

– Place the pattern to be reflected on the fabric and the second Teflon foil on top.

– Press light to medium pressure for 50-60 seconds.

– The machine will beep when the set ironing time has elapsed. Then, as quickly as possible, with a smooth movement, remove the sheet with the pattern from the fabric.

– Finally, remove the fabric from the press and wait for it to cool down.

Sublimation printing in Graffiti Print – bet on ecology!

The sublimation printing method is an ecological solution based on the application of a dye produced with water instead of a solvent, thanks to which it penetrates deep into the fiber and the print does not wash off. Dyes do not flow down the drain during washing and do not emit unpleasant odors. These are not the only advantages – the sublimation printing process itselfon fabrics does not emit a large amount of carbon dioxide into the environment, and high-speed printing with maximum use of dyes does not result in a large amount of post-production waste. Therefore, this type of digital prints is extremely ecological. In addition, the Graffiti Print company, based in Dopiewiec near Poznań, makes every effort to take special care of the natural environment. We have our own solar park in order to reduce CO² emissions to the atmosphere as much as possible.

Why is it worth choosing sublimation printing on textiles with us?

The Graffiti Print company has over 30 years of experience in the printing market and traditions cultivated since the beginning of its activity, which allow it to maintain high quality prints and timely implementation. We are not afraid of challenges and for years we have undertaken even very large sublimation printing orders on fabrics– regardless of whether they are orders for a large number of pieces or large format. We make every effort to satisfy our customers, which is why we implement unconventional ideas, propose non-standard solutions and are open to any projects. We are flexible, which is why we also accept orders for small quantities. We fulfill the entrusted tasks – from the production of high-quality textile articles with detailed prints in rich colors, through fast delivery times, to openness to new challenges.

Graffiti Print – direct sublimation printing

Our offer is based on direct sublimation printing, allowing you to make very detailed and multi-colored patterns on fabrics. Specially prepared material is printed in high temperature. What are the advantages of direct sublimation printing? First of all, we should mention the high durability of the print, much lower costs, more expressive colors and faster implementation. What’s more, when using this printing technique, much less waste is used (due to no use of paper). Using the direct sublimation printing method, we can apply selected motifs, graphics and inscriptions, e.g. on national flags or beachflags. Thanks to the care for high quality and responsible approach to the production process (environmental policy of the company), as well as individual approach to each client,

With us, you do not have to go through a lot of procedures when ordering, as in the case of many corporate companies – we will largely adapt to your needs and complete the order as soon as possible. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of sublimation prints on fabrics and other textiles.

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