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Interpreting Magnesium Test Results: What Do High or Low Levels Indicate?

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Magnesium is a vital body mineral that you need to take to get more energy and maintain your physiological balance. Magnesium is a mineral that restores the strength of your bones and makes them strong from the inside. When a doctor suggests a complete health check-up, he also suggests a magnesium test. 

The magnesium test usually happens with a blood sample from the patient. Depending on the laboratory you visit, you must pay a magnesium test cost of Rs 400-500. The magnesium test costs can go up or down depending on the discount you get on the health package.

A magnesium test is important for the body because it controls many major functions, and its deficiency can lead to health issues in different organ systems. If you have symptoms of magnesium levels being too high or too low, you should go for a magnesium test after a doctor’s consultation. 

When Do You Need a Magnesium Test?

A magnesium test is done on your blood serum when you need to know if your blood magnesium level is high or low. Suppose you already suffer from low or high blood potassium and calcium levels. In that case, you need proper testing of your magnesium levels directly linked with these two minerals.

If you show the generic signs of malnutrition, doctors might recommend a magnesium test to know how well you absorb important nutrients. You may have to take the test if you have diabetes or suffering from major diseases like kidney problems and diarrhea. Regular magnesium testing monitors your vitals so your doctor knows how to deal with the condition.

What Are The Signs Of Excessive Magnesium?

Many signs show you can have a high magnesium level in your blood. If you have signs like confusion and illusion in your mind or are suffering from nausea, you will need to take a magnesium test. On the other hand, frequent vomiting also indicates high magnesium levels.

Very low blood pressure and an upset stomach also indicate a high magnesium level in the blood. Magnesium overdose can also lead to cardiac arrest in extreme cases. In such cases, to avoid any huge health problem, you will need a magnesium test from a good medical laboratory. To avoid getting an overdose of magnesium, you need to control your consumption of magnesium supplements.

Suppose you are suffering from magnesium deficiency, signs of which are symptoms like appetite loss and numbness, cramps, and vomiting. In that case, you need to increase your magnesium intake by eating magnesium-rich foods. A person who suffers from a high level of magnesium deficiency will also encounter changes in his personality and his disposition. 

How Does The Blood Test Happen for Magnesium Levels?

You must go to a good laboratory when testing magnesium levels in the blood. The laboratory should have trained testing professionals to collect and store your blood for testing. The results are clear within two to four days. The process of blood testing is not complicated because the phlebotomist collects your blood in a vial with the help of a syringe.

You might feel prickling when a doctor collects blood from your body. You may also get a bruise at the needle insertion site that will disappear with time. There are no major side effects from the testing procedure. The doctor will examine the test results and decide if your magnesium levels are normal or too high or low.

How to Determine the Level of Magnesium in Your Blood?

Multiple factors decide the level of magnesium in your blood. Your age determines the magnesium levels in your blood and how much you need. Your health and the type of diseases you suffer from also determine the magnesium level in the blood. When you suffer from certain diseases, your magnesium levels fall. In other cases, your magnesium levels increase and can be higher than usual.

The magnesium level in the blood also depends on the person and their gender. The requirement for magnesium is different for different body types. The female body needs different levels of magnesium than the male body. A child with malnutrition will have different requirements. The magnesium test cost you need to pay depends on the magnesium test frequency and the laboratory you go to.

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