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The power of medicinal mushrooms

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A healthy body means being Happy and living a long life. A healthy body can help prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. Good health leads to a fit person with good energy for daily routines. 

To be fit, healthy, and live longer, you must exercise and consume a balanced diet. Rooted Active has come out with ancient superfoods and plant-based ingredients to keep you fit and fine. No matter how healthy we eat, we still don’t consume the daily nutrition value from our regular diet that we can from superfoods. 

What are health supplements, and why must we add them to our diet?

Health supplements are considered the extra element which we add to our diet to provide essential nutrients. Nutrients are substances that nourish the body from within and promote healthy growth. All ages, from children, who are growing, and adults who work hard all day, need energy and other health benefits. Let us read the blog further and understand in more detail:

There are so many supplements available in the market. There are different supplements for each health issue. Do you think taking so many tablets or supplements daily is feasible?

Rooted Actives is one such brand which offers all benefits in one supplement. Rooted Actives is a health and wellness online store which caters to improving overall health and helping the masses. 

There are many popular ancient health abstractions like ashwagandha, neem, brahmi, aloe vera, tulsi etc. Out of all these, there is a special ingredient called a medical mushroom. 

It is a very new term and a new concept. 

Did you know something like a medicinal mushroom ever existed:

Medicinal mushrooms belong to the land of fungi. But they are not ordinary mushrooms, and that is why it is named medicinal mushroom. It is not easy to get these magical products. Many factors like humidity, temperature, light, moisture etc., enable the growth of these medical mushrooms. It is a scarce product that can be grown, cultivated and extracted in environment-friendly mushroom farms. Bringing the best plant-based ingredients in the world cannot be done quickly. 

.Let us explore more about these unique medical mushroom and their profound benefits:

1)MM contains beta-glucan polysaccharides. Beta-glucan is a form of soluble dietary fiber found in the cell walls of some plants and some yeast. It is derived and extracted from plants and converted into supplements. On the other hand, a polysaccharide is called a carbohydrate molecule whose primary function is to provide energy. These mm provide an excellent range of health benefits. The presence of beta-glucan helps in boosting immunity. 

2)Free radicals are unstable atoms that can cause damage to cells, illness in the body, aging and other problems. Medical mushrooms contain antioxidants which help to fight these free radicals by neutralizing them. Antioxidants help provide oxidation to the body and help to keep the body healthy. 

3)Many lifestyle diseases include PCOS and pcod, delayed periods, hormonal imbalance, difficulty getting pregnant, painful intercourse, low sex drive and performance. Medicinal mushrooms can help overcome all this because it is known as an aphrodisiac food. Aphrodisiac foods are called foods that spike your sexual desire. Also, the mushroom helps improve ovulation, which helps in the proper functioning of periods. It also restores insulin levels which result in decreased levels of inflammation. 

4)Also, these mm contains psilocybin. Psilocybin is a substance which stimulates and aids the brain in functioning and reduces stress and other symptoms like stress and anxiety. As a result, these mm are great supporters of mental health. Medicinal Mushrooms contain adaptogens, naturally occurring substances that assist the body in adjusting to stressful situations. 

How are Root Actives products different from others? 

Rooted Actives understands the benefits of mushrooms and offers various health-based products to help you achieve your health goals. Our products can reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen your immune system, and improve cognitive function. 

We source our ingredients, such as herbs, superfoods, and mushrooms, from across India & globally and rigorously test them for active compounds and any impurities or contaminations. We add nothing artificial whatsoever and take utmost care to ensure our superfoods are nutrient-dense and super-effective.


Medicinal Mushrooms are a highly nutritious food that offers numerous health benefits. At Rooted Actives, we understand the incredible advantages of medicinal mushrooms and provide a range of health-based products that can help you achieve your health goals.

A fit and healthy person is not only at less risk for many diseases but can positively affect almost every aspect of their lives. 

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