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Happy Cupcakes! For fun filled occasions

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Anybody who has ever eaten a cupcake would know the joy of eating and having fun and doing all sorts of decorations and creating different motifs out of a cupcake and just of course are true joy. Cupcakes are amazing in controlling your calories. The best part about having or eating cakes is that you can create as many different types as you like and hopefully they always turn out to be good. And remember if you can bake the perfect cupcakes you will be that best mommy whose kids would always brag about her, precisely you could teach your kids to learn the art of baking. It’s always good to see how these tiny cupcakes can add so much to your birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and can be just blended in for anything. Let’s take a look at some amazing cupcake flavors- 

  1. Vanilla Rainbow Cupcake 

A simple blending of some ingredients available at home such as vanilla essence, flower sugar milk and eggs will give you the best and perfect cupcakes that you ever wanted. But she has the twist in these cupcakes. We are not going to keep that simple, rather we will color the batter in these would be our rainbow vanilla cupcakes with some rainbow cream decorations on top for any special occasion. 

  1. Citrom cupcake 

Citrom is basically lemon in Hungarian and of course these citromous cupcakes taste heavenly. The beautiful blend of eggs, lemon milk, buttermilk, flour just to make them worthwhile and a perfect snack and you can always make them healthy by swiping the ingredients like adding oats or almond flour and agave or honey instead of sugar. 

  1. Berry mix cupcake 

Don’t we all just love berries in any season? Whenever we are given strawberries and raspberries it’s too joyful to eat and we can’t keep our hands off and especially when they blend in to make a perfect bowl of berry it’s just so wonderful but the best part is when you can add these to your cupcakes and create new flavors out of it. Berry mix cupcakes can either be made by adding flour to berry smoothie or you can make its jam and top it on the cupcake as well as you can fill it in in the cupcake to make it a berry lava cupcake. If its a birthday or any other occasion then it would be a good idea to order gifts online and take these cupcakes as an add on for your near and dear ones. 

  1. Orange Lava Cupcake 

The first time I tried orange lava cake was on a road trip to Romania and though it was a small bakery, they were amazing. Although I can’t tell you the exact recipe, it is quite simple. You can make orange cupcakes exactly like all others. Just swipe it with a dash of orange juice or essence and for the lava add an orange flavored chocolate with zest. orange lava cakes would work at any of your parties or events that you’re hosting like magic on all your guests. Orange lava cupcakes are amazing especially for a summer party or welcoming spring or Easter and just simply when you feel like having it, they can be a great color pop for anniversaries and you can decorate it with chocolate ganache. 

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  1. Choco orange cupcake 

Now that you have enjoyed an orange lava cupcake it’s time to enjoy some good combinations of orange and chocolate. You must have enjoyed an amazing chocolate and orange ice cream,  cake, and pastries but now is the time to turn it into orange and chocolate cupcakes. If you know that any one of your friends are hosting a party then definitely this could become their next star and you can send cake to Bangalore or to any other city of the same flavors to give them a nice suggestion or as a gift when you can’t think of anything. Ideally these cupcakes would be amazing to uplift the mood swings of your friends in these difficult times. 

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