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Best Salesforce Apps in 2023

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1. SalesforceIQ Inbox

SalesforceIQ Inbox is one of the best Salesforce apps available, offering a wide range of features and benefits that can help you manage your sales and support operations more effectively. It integrates emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks across all devices to provide a unified view of customer activity. With it, you can automate tasks such as follow-up emails to customers or project collaboration with colleagues, as well as gain visibility into sales and support performance to make better-informed decisions.

In addition to its integration capabilities, SalesforceIQ Inbox also offers powerful features that are powered by Einstein Artificial Intelligence (AI). This AI provides focused context for today’s events and recommends follow-up actions based on your customer’s behavior or conversations. You can also view and work with Salesforce data directly in Inbox without ever leaving the app, creating records, and logging emails or events back to Salesforce automatically.

Finally, if you’re looking for other top-tier apps to integrate with Salesforce IQ Inbox, head over to AppExchange, where eight best Salesforce apps, including Revenue Grid, DocuSign, Formstack, Accounting Seed, CloudAlly, Aircall, and Geopointe, have been qualified so that you can get the most out of your CRM system. For additional assistance in choosing the right app provider for your business needs, contact WebFX – an experienced digital marketing agency specializing in helping businesses reach their full potential through technology solutions like these!

2. AppExchange Manager

Looking for the best Salesforce apps? Look no further than AppExchange Manager! This powerful platform provides an easy-to-use interface for managing different Salesforce apps, making it easier than ever to meet your business needs. AppExchange Manager offers real-time compatibility checks so that you can ensure that your apps are always up to date. It also allows users to set app priority and flexibly manage different versions of their apps. Are you looking to upskill yourself in Salesforce? Look no further than Kelly Technologies’ Salesforce Training in Hyderabad.

AppExchange Manager helps keep your data secure, tracks user history and usage, and backs up data. Additionally, it helps you monitor the overall performance of your apps so you can make informed decisions.

Some of the best Salesforce apps available on AppExchange Manager include Cirrus Insight, an app that allows customer relationship management (CRM) users to sync their emails, calendar, and contacts with Salesforce to improve productivity and efficiency; Groove Chatter, a great Salesforce app for collaboration and customer service; LeanData, a cloud-based data management solution providing data synchronization, cleansing, profiling, and enrichment capabilities; PandaDoc, a digital document management solution helping users create, track, and manage documents by automating standard processes, which reduces paperwork significantly; Dooly, a task automation platform designed specifically for sales reps who need help automating tasks related to prospecting, onboarding, or renewals; and Geopointe, which gives users an advantage by visualizing their data in real-time on maps, automating territory planning, and helping them improve field productivity.

3. Conga Composer

“Are you looking for the best Salesforce apps to streamline complex document generation processes? Conga Composer is one of the top Salesforce applications on the market, offering mass customizations to suit multiple scenarios. It can automate the creation of contracts, invoices, and reports quickly and easily.

Conga Composer integrates with your Salesforce data to help you create documents tailored exactly to your needs. There are pre-designed templates available that make it easy for you to customize documents for any situation. The schema builder allows you to quickly create sophisticated formulas so that any documents generated are accurate and up-to-date.

Conga Composer automates document generation and reporting for unlimited use cases—from generating contracts or invoices based on orders in Salesforce to creating dynamic plans for sales teams and turning object data into plans or documents instantly. You can also create tracking and management tools specifically designed with your brand image in mind, ensuring consistent quality across all materials produced by Conga Composer.

Finally, with Conga Composer’s advanced insights feature—which helps generate actionable insights—you can focus on driving revenue by understanding user patterns more deeply than ever before! Plus, it’s easy to customize existing processes as well as scale them up or down depending on what works best for your business needs.

4. DemandTools by CRMfusion

“Are you in search of the best Salesforce Apps? Look no further than CRMfusion’s DemandTools – one of the most powerful and comprehensive tools available. DemandTools offers a wide range of features, including comprehensive data management and auditing capabilities, bulk data manipulation, complex task automation, and an easy-to-use interface.

With features like Cloudingo and DemandTools, you can create customizable and interactive forms to keep your data clean and ready to use, ultimately enhancing organizational efficiency. DemandTools is also the leading data quality toolset for Salesforce, providing a suite of modules designed to standardize, verify, deduplicate, import, and generally manipulate CRM records. You can mass update records, reassign ownership, and merge duplicate entries within your database as needed with ease.

Lastly, Engagio is the go-to account-based marketing and sales development tool for Salesforce users, bringing together all essential tools in one easy-to-use interface for maximum organizational efficiency. When it comes to Salesforce Apps, DemandTools and Engagio are the way to go!”

5. Cloudquote Pro

Looking for the best Salesforce apps in 2020? Look no further than Cloudquote Pro! This powerful app helps sales teams reduce time-consuming manual processes and quickly create accurate, real-time quotes and proposals. With Cloudquote Pro, you can easily calculate large discounts based on certain parameters, revamp existing contracts and negotiate with customers, generate customer-specific linked offers, access powerful analytics for insights into sales cycles, and more. It integrates with leading Salesforce apps such as Apttus CPQ Configure Price Quote App, DocuSign for Salesforce, HeapCRM CRM App, Conga Composer Document Creation & Assembly App, Ascendix Search Advanced Search App, Cirrus Insight All in One Salesforce App, Ortoo Q Assign Native Salesforce app, and HappySoup Web App. With all these features combined, Cloudquote Pro is definitely one of the best Salesforce apps out there!

6 . Salesforce Lightning Connect

Salesforce Lightning is the ultimate platform for developing modern apps and connecting them to the Salesforce platform. With Lightning Connect, users have direct access to third-party APIs, databases, ERP systems, and other external sources of data. This enables greater data sharing among multiple systems and applications with a few clicks of a button. Furthermore, it makes integrating Salesforce with these external sources simple and fast.

The latest low-code tools on the Salesforce Lightning Platform include the 8 best Salesforce apps of 2023: Qualified, Revenue Grid, DocuSign, Formstack, Accounting Seed, CloudAlly, Aircall, and Geopointe. These powerful tools help eliminate the developer gap and IT backlogs while providing users with increased productivity by streamlining contact updates and automating data tasks with fewer errors and less risk.

Moreover, key differences between Salesforce Classic and Lightning include more access to Einstein functionality in Salesforce Lightning, such as AI-driven insights delivered in real-time, as well as drag and drop development for faster app deployment so that businesses can quickly build custom apps without any coding knowledge or experience required.


If you want your business users to have the modern apps they need to do their jobs effectively, choose from our shortlist of the best Salesforce Apps, coupled with WebFX, to ensure increased org productivity! This article cofimagazine should have given you a certain idea about this Salesforce .

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