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What is the cultural significance of Neelam?

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Neelam (Blue Sapphire) is the gemstone of Saturn(Shani Garha). It is the judge among all the planets in the solar system. It determines the good or bad outcomes for a native. It is known to be an evil planet. He is notorious for the nature of the disaster. if Saturn is in a favorable position in the horoscope he will make the native the king in all aspects.

History of Neelam Stone 

Neelam is a gemstone with a long history and wide appeal. Many cultures around the world have valued it for centuries, and some ancient Egyptians thought it could protect them from evil and bring them luck in gambling, no matter the time of day.

People have also worn Neelam for ceremonial purposes, such as weddings and funerals, hoping to attract good fortune. The blue color of the stone has been admired since ancient times. It originated in India, where people believed it could repel evil and bring good luck. In ancient Rome, Lapis was a symbol of rank for Roman generals who received this stone as a gift.

In modern times, Neelam Gemstone has become popular as an astrological gemstone that can reveal your personality traits based on your birth month. You can find Neelam in various forms of jewelry and watches.

How does Neelam affect?

The Neelam Stone is worn in Silver/gold Metal so it generates a constant vibration power of Saturn which is taken by the wearer’s aura and creates an attractive and energetic aura. As a result, the individual’s aura strengthens and becomes more effective at shielding them from any obstacles caused by negative energy from external sources. Wearing this item brings blessings of prosperity, good fortune, fame, happiness, and long life.

If you wear Neelam so you can gain ultimate confidence you feel massively energetic and active in mind and body, Neelam is also suggested for those who are running a period of sadhe sati. It can reduce the obstacles or problems caused by Sadhe Sati to a minimum. It is also thought that Neelam protects the wearer from evil eyes. Saturn also shows long and chronic diseases. The ones who are in the field of transport, sale, purchase of land/mines, surgery, oil, machines, and many more. should wear Neelam with the consultation of a learned Astrologer.

Neelam Stone was Birthstone for?

Neelam is a gemstone that has been associated with September for centuries—the month when Libra begins in the zodiac. Its deep blue color reflects the qualities of fairness and balance, which are essential for friendship and loyalty in relationships.

Neelam’s gives you significant, optimism, and it will be very faithfulness as well as gain loyalty. It expresses friendliness and understanding, as well as the ability to forgive someone who has hurt you or betrayed you in some way


Neelam, also known as Blue Sapphire, is a gemstone with a rich cultural history and significance. It has been valued for centuries by different cultures and is believed to have the power to attract good fortune and repel evil. Neelam is associated with Saturn and is worn for astrological and ceremonial purposes. It is believed that wearing Neelam in a silver or gold ring can strengthen the individual’s aura and protect them from negative energy, bringing blessings of prosperity, good fortune, fame, happiness, and long life. Neelam is also associated with qualities of fairness, balance, friendship, and loyalty, making it a valuable gemstone for personal growth and development. For my lovely readers if you wanna buy Gemstones of good Quality at the best and wholesale Price so here is some good news for you The Rashi Ratan Bhagya website is a perfect stop for you to buy a Gemstone like Emerald stone, Cat eye stone, Yellow Sapphire, Ruby and many more with the certification of Originality.

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