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The Lion King Movie Review

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Jon Favreau’s remake of Disney’s famous cartoon classic “The Lion King,” “The Lion King,” is beautiful to look at and has a strong emotional impact. This live-action version, which will come out in 2019, uses cutting-edge CGI to bring the animal kingdom of Pride Rock to life, giving viewers a stunningly real and intense experience. Continue reading The Lion King Movie Review to learn more about the film.



The Lion King worked because its story was about real people and was very easy. It was about growing up, dealing with loss, taking on responsibilities, making friends, and being betrayed. All of the characters were animals, which was funny, but the problems and interactions were very human, which made it easy to care about the story.

This repelisplus movie also gained a lot from making people feel nostalgic. The first animated movie is a favorite that a lot of people who watch it grew up with. It was the kind of movie that stuck with people for a long time, and the people who made it took advantage of that. Some of the characters, like Rafiki, acted very differently than they did in the first movie. However, this was not true for most of the characters. Those of us who grew up with the original movie got to see this reimagined version with most of the famous characters and songs we remember so well.


These two characters were possibly the best ones in this movie. We thought Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner were great choices for these parts, and we thought they were pretty funny. Seth Rogen played Pumbaa pretty much the way you’d expect him to, and the character worked. We weren’t sure what to think of Billy Eichner as Timon, but he was a lot of fun in the part. He had a pretty good singing voice, so he could handle the musical parts of the role, but he was probably the most funny character in the whole movie. The things he said and the way he said them fit his character perfectly. These two characters didn’t get a lot of attention, but just like in the original cartoon favorite, you loved every second that they were on screen in this movie.


If you only want to see how far a movie can go in terms of how it looks, don’t bother. The Lion King will blow your mind because there is no way to tell where the “live-action” stops and the CGI animation starts. Everything, from a blade of grass to the lion’s eyes and fur, looks just like a picture. Jon Favreau uses the same “hyper-realism” style he used in The Jungle Book, which was a great movie, but it works much less well here. 

Final Word

Overall, “The Lion King” might not be what we were expecting, but if you like Disney movies, it’s still worth seeing. This new version will give you light fun, big action scenes, and clever new ways to make movies. For others, the only reason they would like this movie is because it reminds them of the original, so they should watch that one instead. There isn’t much you would miss out on.

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