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Best Reads to Explore Mind-Boggling Facts About the World

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Geology may sound like a dry subject, but it’s actually a fascinating field that can teach students all sorts of mind-boggling things about the world we live in. From the impact of mining and drilling to the effects of climate change, Geology explains how humans have altered the environment.

And if you’re into natural resources, geology can teach you about the origins of fossil fuels and the importance of sustainable resource management. So, if you’re looking to expand your mind and learn about the awe-inspiring forces that shape our world, here are free geology textbooks to view the world from a different perspective.

Free Geology Textbooks

If you want to explore the world around you, we recommend reading geology textbooks. To help you get the most out of reading, we have rounded up here some of the book geology textbooks that are also free of cost. Read on and pick up the book that seems appropriate to you the most.

The Nature and Properties of Soils

If you are looking for the best geology textbooks of all time, this one is an excellent option. The educators recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning the properties and functions of soils. 

The book covers a broad range of topics, from the chemical and physical properties of soils to the biological processes that occur within them. It also explores the ways in which soils are impacted by human activities, such as agriculture and urbanization. 


Ecotoxicology is a groundbreaking textbook that provides an in-depth exploration of the effects of toxic substances on ecosystems. The book covers a broad range of topics, including the sources and fate of toxic substances in the environment, the effects of these substances on individual organisms, and the ways in which they impact entire ecosystems. It also explores the methods and tools used by ecotoxicologists to study the effects of toxic substances. 

Introduction to Modern Climate Change

Andrew Dessler’s textbook on climate change offers a comprehensive overview of the science of climate change, including the causes, impacts, and potential solutions to this pressing global issue. It covers a range of topics, including the Earth’s energy balance, the role of greenhouse gases, the impact of human activities on the climate system, and the potential consequences of climate change for ecosystems and human societies. 

Introduction to Water Resources and Environmental Issues

Karrie Lynn Pennington is an expert in water resource management. His textbook offers an in-depth exploration of the key issues and challenges facing the management of water resources in the 21st century. 

The book covers a range of topics, including the physical properties of water, the hydrologic cycle, water quality, water pollution, water scarcity, and the role of water in environmental sustainability. It also explores the social, economic, and political dimensions of water management, including the impact of climate change on water resources. 

Physical Oceanography and Climate

Kris Karnauskas, who is a leading expert in the field of oceanography and climate science, has written an innovative textbook on the field. The book offers a comprehensive overview of the physical processes that govern the Earth’s oceans, and their impact on the Earth’s climate system. 

The book covers a range of topics, including ocean circulation, sea-level rise, ocean-atmosphere interactions, and the impact of human activities on the ocean and climate. 

Planetary Geoscience

Planetary Geoscience provides a thorough exploration of the geology and geophysics of the solar system’s planets and moons, including Earth. The book covers a range of topics, including the formation and evolution of the solar system, planetary surfaces and interiors, volcanism, impact cratering, tectonics, and the search for life beyond Earth. 

The textbook also provides an overview of the latest techniques and technologies used by planetary scientists to study the solar system’s planets and moons.

Where to Get Free Geology Textbooks

If you are looking for free geology textbooks, you must find the free and open educational resources available on the Internet. However, if you are not comfortable with reading eBooks, let us help you find a website that provides free textbooks in print or hard format. 

SolutionInn is one of the trusted websites for free textbooks for college and high school students all across the US. It mainly provides educational support to students by providing them with answers to their questions for a better understanding of concepts and various subjects. 

To increase its membership base, the service provider has been offering free textbooks to students. There are thousands of textbook titles available on various subjects including geology, science, math, and humanities. With free textbooks, students also get a study membership that is free for one week and costs $9.99 a month afterward.    


These are some of the best and free geology textbooks available for college students in the US. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of the subject or a more focused introduction to specific topics, these books will help you understand the fascinating world of geology.


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