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Why Should You Choose a Digital Real Estate Portal over a Physical Broker?

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Real estate is an inherently capital-intensive market and that makes buyers more cautious whenever they want to close a deal. As a result, property buyers typically turn to real estate brokers to make an informed decision.

However, digitization in the industry has changed the way properties are bought and sold. And today, the emergence of top digital real estate portals such as fäm Properties has replaced many conventional brokers.

If you have already started searching for villas for sale in Dubai and have contacted a few traditional brokers, this guest post should help you switch to a digital real estate portal. Here, you will learn the benefits of doing so.

A Large Number of Options

This is one of the most vital reasons to choose a digital portal over traditional brokers. Traditional brokers typically have a few properties in their portfolio. And they tend to promote these properties as the best ones in the market.

However, since brokers are driven by self-interest, you can never know whether or not these properties are actually the best ones in the market. On the contrary, digital real estate portals are service-driven and they typically list a large number of properties to help the buyers find the right ones.

Another important thing is that brokers often focus on one or two locations. But with digital portals, you get to see villas in every prominent location in Dubai. This essentially brings you a lot more options, letting you buy your villa in your preferred location.

Customized Search

The majority of digital property portals come with a “search” section where you get to use a number of filters. From location, price range, and number of bedrooms to amenities and more, you can easily narrow down the search results to a couple of villas that meet your criteria in the best possible manner.

It eliminates the need for contacting multiple brokers to get a variety of options.You only need to customize your search as per your preferences.

Standardized Price Points

Brokers often decide on price points based on the nature of sellers. For instance, with the help of a traditional broker, a property dealer can easily demand a price considerably higher than the market value. However, top digital property portals make sure that the price of a particular property remains standard.

On a digital portal, a dealer cannot display an overpriced value for a property when an individual is putting up a similar property at a significantly lower price. Since buyers get the ability to compare multiple similar properties, they will eventually ignore the dealer and choose the individual seller.

Complete Transparency

Transparency is another key factor that sets digital portals apart from traditional brokers. In the context of a digital portal, everyone gets access to the same information. From buyers and sellers to developers and dealers, everyone gets to see the same detailed information about a particular property.

This helps buyers, in particular, proceed with the transactions with complete peace of mind. They get the assurance that they will not get defrauded or overpay for a particular property. It sometimes becomes hard to find this trust factor with traditional brokers.

Additionally, leading property portals regularly screen developers, dealers, and sellers before listing their properties. This generates another element of trust for the buyers.

Market Consolidation

Traditional brokers typically operate either on their own or partner with one or two other brokers. However, due to the lack of capacities, these partnerships never result in synergy. On the contrary, digital property portals bring many different sellers, developers, and dealers under a single platform. As a result, buyers get to explore all kinds of options and choose what works for them the best.

The Use of Advanced Technologies

This is another key reason property buyers are increasingly choosing digital portals over traditional brokers. Digital portals are much better positioned to promote, refine, and upgrade their
offerings continuously. For instance, you may get to see an aerial view of your shortlisted villas and their communities.

You may also be able to take a tour of the villas, thanks to the use of virtual reality by the digital portals. Some of these portals are using artificial intelligence to make price discovery a fast and convenient task for buyers.

Customer service is another thing that sets digital portals apart from conventional brokers. Leading digital property portals have both a customer support team and chatbots, using which they provide 24/7 customer support. Regardless of your location or time zone, you can get answers to all your queries within a couple of minutes.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are several important reasons digital property portals are becoming increasingly popular than traditional brokers. They are designed to make the property-buying experience a completely hassle-free and transparent one.

If you too want to experience these benefits when searching for villas for sale in Dubai, you may take a look at fäm Properties.

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