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Overbite Correction Time – Learn How Long The Process Takes

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Do you suffer from a dental overbite? Do your friends pull your leg due to your overbite? Do you sometimes feel the same to appear in public due to your oral flaw? Well, gone out the days when you had no choice but to sit with an overbite and bear with it for the rest of your life. Now, due to the emergence of a series of dental cosmetic treatments, you can get rid of your dental issues.

Of all dental cosmetic treatments, overbite correction is a popular one. Since this is a cosmetic dentistry treatment, you must wonder about the time it will take for the proper execution and progression of the treatment. To be honest, there is no perfect time within which you can complete the overbite correction treatment. This time largely depends on your dental complication and oral condition.

Since most of you are not aware of the overbite correction time and have a lot of queries about the overbite correction treatment, we have come up with a blog. In this blog, we will share with you the time taken by the overbite correction treatment. Here, you will also get detailed information about the treatment and the steps involved in it. So, let’s get dive into the details of the blog now.

What is an overbite?

Generally, a dental overbite is a kind of dental misalignment or a malocclusion where you are upper front teeth protrudes out from the range of the lower front teeth. So, every time you open your mouth, your upper front teeth appear first and tamper your smile. In short, overbites negatively affect the way you look. In addition, dental overbites also make it hard to chew, breathe, and brush your teeth.

The way you can treat an overbite and get rid of it depends on your oral. So, the more complex the dental problem, the more complicated and challenging will the treatment be. Indeed, overbites can sometimes lead to tooth decay, gum infections, and lead to other serious health issues. In case of severe overbite conditions, conditions the dentist suggests the patient wear braces. Also, the complication of the overbite means a longer treatment process.

How long does overbite correction last?

The time required for treating a dental overbite primarily depends on two factors – the complexity of your overbite and the severity of the overbite. Both these factors will determine the kind of orthodontic treatment program you need for rectifying the oral flaw. If you have a moderate or mild overbite, the dentist will prefer treatments like braces and clear aligners for you.

On the other hand, if the overbite is a severe one, the treatment options are limited. For complicated overbite cases, you need an in-office treatment. Sometimes even the dentist goes ahead to conduct surgery if the situation and the oral condition demand so.

The time taken to fix an overbite with the help of braces differs from that of fixing it with clear aligners. Let’s take a look at them individually.

Time for fixing overbite with braces

In the case of treating an overbite with braces, the time taken will depend on the kind of overbite you have. Initially after meeting an orthodontist, you will have to conduct some X-rays, examinations, and scans to get the correct impression of your overbite. Through this imaging of your teeth, the dentist will make a treatment plan.

The dentist uses brackets with braces to fix them to your teeth. To ensure that they sit securely in place, the dentist uses banned around them that are joined by wires. The tightening of the wires at regular intervals puts flight pressure on the teeth and allows them to move at the desired location.

In the case of braces, it will take around two years to correct an overbite. If you have surgery to amend your jaw size before installing the braces, it will take you nearly one and a half years to rectify the overbite. Again, if you require to wear braces before conducting the surgery, the whole treatment time will be around 22 months.

Time for fixing overbite with aligners

In case your overbite is a mild or moderate one, the dentist will suggest you put on an at-home clear aligner. This is an even more straightforward dental treatment program that offers faster results. As you can understand from their name these clear aligners are virtually invisible and removable. However, to get the desired results, the dentist recommends wearing these aligners at least for 20 to 22 hours daily. Technically, you can open these aligners only when you are eating and brushing your teeth.

With clear aligners, the dentist first gets an image of your teeth to figure out their current condition. To do this, you have to visit the dentist’s chamber. Using the latest software, the dentist determines the perfect position in which your teeth need to be moved to offer you an optimal bite and smile.

Then the dentist formulates a treatment plan followed by creating customized aligners for your teeth. Here, the dentist makes sure to create custom aligners in a manner that lets your teeth move gently to the desired location. While using aligners, you have to ensure to change the retainer trays at regular intervals for better and more effective results. 

What can you expect after the treatment?

Before undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure like overbite correction, you might wonder whether it is reasonable for you to spend both your money and time on it. Here, you have to remember a few things as pointed out below:

  • If you have crooked teeth along with an overbite, it can make you struggle, especially while flossing and brushing your teeth. A steady solution for this can be rectifying the crooked teeth before undergoing the overbite correction treatment.
  • If you have a severe overbite, it can lead to mouth sores and lesions. This occurs when your lower set of teeth touches the upper palate several times.


Therefore, the time taken for an overbite correction treatment depends on the severity of your dental condition. There is no fixed treatment time as such as this varies from person to person. To get the best treatment and aftercare for overbite correction, make sure to consult with a reputed dental clinic.

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