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Some of the top platformer games to play in 2022

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Platformer games, sometimes known as Jump ‘n’ Run, are among the most popular game genres worldwide. They have ties to video games like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. Platforms now support third-person shooters, action-adventure games, and racing games. Platformer games have also enhanced the gaming experience by including puzzles and a plot line. The fundamental components of the genre are still there in today’s platformer games, but they also have new additions and innovative ways of telling captivating stories. I’ll discuss some of my favorite platformers that I played all the way through this article.

The Top Platformer Games You Should Play

1. Limbo

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In the dystopian fantasy Limbo, our protagonist sets off on a covert mission where he faces off against huge spiders and other characters in order to advance in his mission. The game’s difficulty and interest are increased by the cleverly designed puzzles. White eyes and a silhouette make up the main character, who is emotionless and silent. The game’s story and horror elements are enhanced by the menacing sound design and monochromatic graphics. We’ll be dragged into the story’s search for explanations and come to grips with the adversarial character’s and the animals’ dubious motives. There are many hypotheses about the planet of Limbo. Sadly, the player’s hypotheses regarding the origins of this boy’s terrible, terrible journey have not yet led to any conclusive findings. Online, there are consequently always fresh theories to investigate.

2. Hollow Knights

Hollow Knight is a side-scrolling, bug-zapping craze that was created by Team Cherry. This puzzle-solving game has an anonymous warrior exploring Hollowness. The player embarks on an action-packed trip as a knight to explore this open world’s delights and engage in combat with supernatural adversaries. It’s a thrill to get lost in its wonderful artwork and soundtrack, with so much content hidden around every corner, finding hidden doors, and visiting new places. Of course, reading the novel again and learning new abilities will help the player progress in the game. But do not worry—the route is nonlinear, so the secret will remain hidden until the game’s conclusion. The best platformer games include this one.

3. Journey

The player controls a robed man moving over a vast desert toward a mountain in the adventure game The Journey. You are invited to explore a mysterious universe in this game. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, this game’s sound, and visuals perfectly complement each other to tell a tale that will stay with you for a very long time. The catch to this game is that the dialogue between the characters can only be heard through musical chimes, which turn common pieces of cloth crimson and affect the environment.
The name of the game makes reference to how a story’s lovely meaning might suffer a sad metamorphosis. You only die once while playing the game because of its prolonged life premise. Every frame of this game is a painting, and the unhurried, captivating gameplay adds to the enjoyment. The art direction and pictures are a feast for the eyes. The game is one of the best ever because it is expertly developed and intended to evoke strong emotions in the player. One of the best platformer games is this one.

4. Inside

This book transports readers to a dystopian future that is hauntingly beautiful, full of mind-controlling technology, unknowing nonhuman animals, and mind-blowing imagery that reflects our fears and anxieties. The puzzle initially proves to be extremely challenging for players. However, the experience of the game is included in the puzzles, so they enhance gameplay rather than detract from it. The game uses the idea of less color to help you grasp your interpretation. The atmosphere and plot in this amazing game are enhanced by the fantastic sound design. One of the best platformer games is this one.

5. Super Meat Boy

If you want to dive into the most absurd of tales with some hilarious characters, try Super Meat Boy. Super Meat Boy is a ridiculously amusing adventure game that can occasionally be really difficult. To complete the painstakingly created levels is the game’s objective. The skinless “flesh kid” who is traveling with us. Meat Boy must valiantly brave perilous levels chock-full of enemies and traps in his attempt to save the lovely Bandage Girl. Because the game progresses swiftly, we must concentrate on finishing each level.

To properly navigate these stages, one needs quick reflexes, timing, and bravery. You can go back to previous levels to try different tactics and discover tips that let you progress despite having only a few pixels of life remaining. When you complete a level with just a few seconds of health left, you feel a sense of accomplishment. This game offers very little room for error. One mistake will lead to the character’s demise. As the game progresses, the level gets harder, moves faster, and is trickier to navigate.

6. Little Nightmares

A nightmare horror story is one of the best platformer games, portrayed from the viewpoint of a little child sporting a yellow raincoat is an intriguing concept. This game’s terrifying elements frequently make you want to get up from your chair. You’ll feel the chills as a result of the setting and terrifying images. When gruesome horrors and creepiness are present, the game offers underrated dark comedy. Up until the very conclusion of the game, the strange and terrible atmosphere dominates the screen. The switching between old and new scenes to create jump scares is horrifying, and the camera work and cinematography are really superb. Playing Little Nightmares makes you feel as though you are maintaining the delicate balance between life and death, darkness and light, ridiculous and genuine. You must play this amazing game in order to go on this strange journey.

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7. Little Big Planet

In the Little Big Planet metropolis’ Collector’s Lair, a wicked collector with a pixie voice has kidnapped the creator and every nonplayer character. The Sackpeson, however, will stand up to quell the uproar the collector aroused. The Sackboy may be controlled by leaping, pushing, grabbing, and solving puzzles. The game’s gameplay, physical dynamics, and intriguing plot all add to its ongoing novelty and fun. One of the most intriguing characters to come out of the game was developed, and the plot will hold our attention all the way to the finish. Little Big Planet is a must-try platformer game if you’re looking for spooky, challenging, creative platformer games.

8. It Takes Two

The union of two distinct personalities to create a new universe is marriage. This concept of marriage is taken up by It Takes Two, which uses it to create a lovely, powerful narrative for an amazing game to explore. The game’s straightforward yet subtle premise is that the lovely little girl’s parents are going through a trying time in their marriage. They are reading a poem about divorce. But the moment her parents appear as a small character, the game actually starts. To successfully complete multiple stages, players must overcome a variety of obstacles, necessitating perfect coordination and expertise. It has a lovely premise and a heartfelt story. These games never cease to amaze and inspire questions about the seemingly unimportant features of both the game and real life. Then you can share your experience with a close friend or relative.

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