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Blue Nose Pitbull: Everything You Need To Know

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In general, people either love pit bulls or hate them.

Many people have a bad opinion of them because of how they were used in the past. However, anyone who knows pit bulls well knows that they are loving, loyal dogs that make great family pets.

You may have heard of the blue nose pitbull if you want to adopt a pit bull.
This is a unique color in the pit bull family, and it makes the dog stand out when it’s out on the streets.

What’s a Pit Bull?

Before looking at the blue-nosed pit bull in particular, it’s important to know what kinds of dogs are considered pit bulls, because it’s not always clear. This is mostly because people don’t want to use the word “pit bull” to describe the breed because it has a bad name and there are sometimes calls for the breed to be banned.

The Blue Nose Pitbull in a Nutshell

Here is a quick look at what this special breed looks like, how long it lives, how it acts, and how it needs to be groomed.

Weight/Height 30-60 lbs. 18 to 21 inches tall
Coat Type Short, stiff and glossy coat
Grooming Needs Low maintenance
Shedding Infrequent shedding
Temperament Affectionate, playful, and loyal
Good With Kids Yes
Good With Other Animals No
Intelligence High
Easy to Train Yes
Energy Level High
Barking Habits Infrequent barker
Lifespan 12-15 years

Why is the nose blue Pitbull?

Good question! The skin, eyes, nose, and toes of a Blue Nose Pitbull have a rare blue-gray color. This is what makes them stand out.

There are even Red Nose Pitbulls, which have amber-colored skin, eyes, noses, and toes. And no, these blue and red dogs don’t look like little aliens or devils who follow you around.

When two parents with recessive coat-color genes have offspring, the offspring will have a bright blue or red color. This doesn’t happen very often in nature. After all, pitbulls with these mutant genes are rare, and it’s even rarer for two to cross the same dog’s path.

Because these genes are negative, less melanin is made. Melanin is the main thing in the skin that makes skin color what it is. It is the reason why people get tan in the sun.

Because so many people want their pitbulls to have unique colors, some breeders force pitbulls with weak genes to breed together. If this sounds a little strange, that’s because it is. But #3 has more on this.

For now, you should know that Blue Nose Pitbulls are not a different breed. They are called American Pitbull Terriers, but the American Kennel Club doesn’t accept them.

In fact, Chauncy Bennet started the United Kennel Club, which is the second oldest dog registry group in the U.S., so that the American Pitbull Terriers, who were left out, could be registered. This must have made the dogs feel sad and unofficial.

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About the Pittbull

From what we’ve learned so far, the Blue Nose Pitbull Terrier is a variation of a dog breed that is often mistaken. In fact, these beautiful and loyal dogs are kind and love to be loved.

The fact that their looks can show how they feel is well-known to their owners. Because their mouths are so expressive, they often look like they are smiling even when they are panting.

People who are well-adjusted by the time they are young are great with kids and are as loyal to their families as a dog. People love them, and they get a lot of attention.

Just make sure to keep an eye on very young children when these pets or any other dogs are around. But it shouldn’t surprise you that Blue-Nose Pitbulls are great with kids and have been called “nanny dogs.”

Some people might think they’re rare, but they’re not. Breeders with bad reputations like to market them this way, but they also made them to make money. Just remember that there are a lot of Blue Nose Pitbulls, and don’t be fooled by ads that say “You can only get one here” or “Extremely rare.” Always go with parents who have a good name.

Pit Bull Reputation

Because they used to be used in pit fighting, pit bulls have a bad image for being aggressive dogs.

They were first used for this in the UK, and then they were brought to the US so the sport could keep going. The sport was slowly made illegal, but pit bulls were still often chosen by people who wanted to scare others. They also became a sign of gang culture.

In the 1890s, when American trainers tried to get their dogs registered with the American Kennel Club, they were turned down because the dogs were linked to fighting.

Because of this, the owners made the United Kennel Club, a rival club, to register the dogs. Dogfighting was also regulated by the club.

By the 1930s, there was a lot of push to register the breed, which had changed in ways that were unique to the US. They didn’t want to support dog fighting, so they registered it with the name American Staffordshire terrier instead.

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